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21 Irate Gamer

I watch 2 make fun of him - gunsnroses

The Irate Gamer is not funny or entertaining.

I know everyone gives him a hard time and accuses him of copying AVGN, and for the most part this is true, but he's still funny and at least tries to go in his own direction and not just copy the sensation that is AVGN.

He rips off AVGN and isn't funny in the damn slightest!

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22 BrutalMoose BrutalMoose

Should be higher on this list. He's honestly one of my favorites! - pennyarcade

23 MatthewMatosis

This man is never afraid to go against the mainstream opinion and is exceptionally good at explaining why and how. He is one of the few reviewers out there that just talks about any little thing he can find with little care about how long that may take. At the end of any of his videos even if you disagree you will know where he's coming from, guaranteed.

Disgraceful that MatthewMatosis is this low yet mouth breathers like Angry Joe are at the top

Articulate, and in-depth critiques about game design.

24 Worth a Buy

One of the only honest reviewers ever, and gamings greatest hope at future quality control. Simply Hilarious, Entertaining, Honest and Unbound by bias. He understands the gaming industry's BEST and WORST aspects, and his Thumb up/Thumb down system, as we all know, is tried, true and, with his meaty explainable usually faultless. Only one close to him is Joe, well worth a watch

I appreciate genuine people. Mack is genuine people.

Why isn't he number one? Like what the actual!

25 Wiiviewer

I like this guy because in contrast to most angry video game reviewers he's more family friendly. He even get's his kids involved with the reviews. He's also pretty funny as well. - Shadsilvson11

The Wiiviewr's reviews are very entertaining! He's like no other reviewer. Most of the time, he's correct on what games for the Wii, WiiWare, Virtual Console, Wii U, Wii U eShop, and PlayStation 4 you should buy, rent, or skip. He has a great sense of humor, and I like how he sometimes reviews with his kids. The Wiiviewr is the only internet game reviewer who can hold my attention!

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26 Phelous

Only gets better with every episode. His deadpan style, "I don't care" vibe, and the excellent skits put him leagues above the pack.

27 Cr1tikal (Penguinz0)

If someone matches James. It's the King of Nipples.

28 Armake21

This guy is more authentic than a lot of other angry game reviewers. Rather than trying to be funny he actually makes legitimately good points, and manages to be funny as well.

29 Daniel Hardcastle (Nerd3)
30 TJomega

He review a Transformers video game before the nerd did

31 Lazy Game Reviews
32 Suede
33 Shadsilvson11
34 Classic Game Room (CGR)

This is THE internet game review show. The Angry Video Game Nerd may be a good internet game critic, but this is the original, honest, and humorous YouTube channel for the more relaxed crowd.

Classic and modern reviews. Great humour and new content daily. Fair reviews. CGR is awesome!

He has personality style and professional makes him awesome n humor too

He thanks to his fan who send him stuff to the show

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35 Standburdman

This guy is a genius you just have to see for yourself

36 Third Rate Gamer
37 Noah Caldwell-Gervais

Long-form, multi-game series retrospectives.

38 The Completionist The Completionist
39 Necro Critic
40 Pat the NES Punk Pat the NES Punk

Totally underrated in my opinion

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