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21 Master Jaken

He is just adorable on his loyalty to sesshomaru how he love's sesshomaru and admirers him and fatefuly go every where with his master he also made me laugh in several times he just tries so hard I love him

Just love how he's always kicked around by Lord Perfect.

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22 Myoga

Such a coward but also very knowledgeable

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23 Totosai

He is so hilarious! Like the time in episode 34 when he ate all the roast it made my family and I role playing it over and over again!

Funny as hell. Him with Myoga and Miroku give the show a lot of humor. Add in the two "bamfs" (Sesshomaru and Inuyasha) and you got yourself some action too. Totosai's random appearances though make the show that much more enjoyable.

24 Hiten

This guy was the hottest guy in the series. He was only there for a short time and next to Bankotsu is my favourite character :) It must be the braides aye? Laugh out loud he is strong and sexy ;) I hated that both he and Bankotsu ended up dying like AWWWWW

25 Bakusaiga

WHAT?! You count a sword a character?

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26 Ayame V 2 Comments
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