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21 Zim's Computer
22 Invader Tin

Allthough most don't know Invader Tin, she is a charecter, she is in the first episode, though she doesn't have a speaking part..

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23 Jessica

Jessica is a human popular girl seen in three different episodes, one known most is best friends where she is seen talking badly of Zim, Dib, and the rejects, to the rest of her popular friends.

24 Gretchen

Gretchen is the weird human girl with spiky purple hair, and braces. She is seen in the episode "best friends" in the corner with the "losers".

She should have had a bigger role.

25 Sizz-Lorr
26 Zita

Zita is a back ground charecter but does have a speaking part, look her up, it will show a human girl with lavender hair.

27 Dirge

Dirge is a strange human boy, with fish like feet. He is seen in the episode,"best friends" as one of the rejects in the corner. He does have a speaking part, but the thing most people remember him by, is his fish like feet.

28 Robot Bee

Best character in the show and he only appeared for 7 seconds

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29 Zim's Dog V 1 Comment
30 Invader Larb
31 Peepi V 1 Comment
32 The Moose
33 Nightmare Membranes

Scary,But Awesome...Especially The Nightmare Professors Laugh! Evilest Laugh Ever!

34 Poonchy
35 Mortos De Soul Stealer
36 Evil GIR Brain
37 The Neverending Dog
38 Poop Dog
39 Chickenfoot
40 Zim's Robo-Santa
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