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81 Talking Larry the Bird
82 TextPics - Creative SMS Art for iPhone Texting
83 The Moron Test
84 Tap Tap 4
85 NBA Elite

It feels like if you are playing the game on a PS3

86 Textfree

Not sure better than kik messenger is a bully a big fat bully go textfree

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87 Merriam-Webster Dictionary

It's free and also if you have homework and you need a dictionary, use this because it saves up a lot of time. You don't need to flip pages and squint at the pages to find a word. Type in the word, and you will get the definitions.

88 Drop Dead
89 Robot Unicorn Attack

Best app EVAR! I don't even know why it hasn't beaten angry birds - Cowy_Gorilla

90 Cydia

By far the best app in the world. Sure its not a game, not fun, no good graphics. But it's the most powerful and brilliant app out there! Its the App Store on STEROIDS! - musicamentek

It is the best app ever it has so much cool stuff it is just hundred times better than App Store!

91 Convert Pad
92 Talking Tom
93 Chalkboard Stunts Pro
94 Devil May Cry 4 Refrain
95 A Monster Ate My Homework
96 Flipboard
97 Speedy Birds
98 Logos Quiz Game

In this game you have to figure out the logos in different levels.

99 FIFA 12

If you like soccer download this game for $4.99. Once I played this I got addicted to it.

100 Tap Tap Revenge 4

This game is your basic Guitar Hero.

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