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1 Farhad Majidi Farhad Majidi Farhad Majidi is a retired Iranian professional footballer who mostly played as an attacking midfielder. He was also a member of Iran national football team. In 2010, he was nominated for the Asian Footballer of the Year award which finished second in voting.

The best Iranian football player

Farhad is the best

Forward of esteghlal

He was a great player. Esteghlal fans are love farhad majidi. He was the best

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2 Ali Karimi Ali Karimi

Best players of perspolis

Ali karimi is the best

Ali Is Always number 1 because he's technically great and has a great character.
Viva Ali Karimi.

The best

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3 Ali Daei


Why in the world he is here? He is the only very famous football player from my country. He should be number one. 109 goals is no jock man.

He is the best forward in the whole world

Just legend and legend again,... Daei is the NUMBER ONE OF WORLD FOOTBALL

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4 Mehdi Mahdavikia

Legend! Patriot!

He is the legend

He was called "The Missile" - BPS

very good

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5 Javad Nekounam

Javad is best player

One of the best players and captains of Iran and people really like him. A fantastic player with high self esteem and management power.

You are a very good player Nekounam!


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6 Mehdi Rahmati

Best iranian goalkeaper that I love - azerpunk

Penguin of Asia. - ashkan_srd

Super Mehdi best Iranian Goal Keeper

Penguin Indeed - BPS

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7 Ahmad Reza Abedzadeh

Eagle of Asia! No keeper has shown skills to be good as his!

He is the best goal keeper in Iran

Hi Is My Life

He's the bestā¤

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8 Khosro Heydari

Khosro is the best

Damn u my man

Best - miladrahimi

Khale Khosro

9 Ashkan Dejagah

When he is on his game, his ball skills compete with players on the International Level. He was amazing in World Cup game against Argentina

He Is The Best Player Of All Times From Iran Team's - RaminLp

So good so good

Best iranian player ever

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10 Arash Borhani

Arash borhani is a best player after Farhad Majidi in Iran. The fans of esteghlal are love Arash Borhani.

He is a star that shines in Esteghlal

Arash is my love

Best - miladrahimi

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The Contenders

11 Jalal Hosseini

The best defense of perspolis

SAKHREH (rock)

12 Khodadad Azizi

He is great.

I think Japan should be better or Korea

13 Pejman Nouri

Hi is a real Koskhol

Shut careful about your speech..he is not a are a koskhol and kos kesh

14 Mohammad Reza Khalatbari
15 Masoud Shojaei
16 Mojtaba Jabbari

I think you'll find that Mojtaba clearly is the best Iranian football player!

The Best Play maker in world after Cesc Fabregas

The best engineer in soccer

The Very Best MD Football Player

17 Reza Ghoochannejhad

Reza is literaly the best player in Iran. I voted for him because he was the only person in the Iran to score a Goal in 2014

He is a great player,

He is very good player

18 Alireza Jahanbakhsh
19 Nasser Hejazi


Legend - miladrahimi

Nasser khan asheghetam rohet shad ostoreh

20 Mehdi Taremi

He was 2 years consecutive top scorer Iran

Best football diver in the world

He is the Best

I love him

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21 Sardar Azmoun

He is the most expensive Iranian soccer player who play in Russia

This is lionel messi in iran in now

22 Mohammad Ebrahimi

Best player turk f 14

23 Karim Baqheri

He is the best center miderfield in asia s history. He is scores a many goal and he score most goal in world as a miderfield player.

24 Ali Parvin


25 Vahid Hashemian
26 Hamed Kavianpour
27 Mohsen Mosalman
28 Mohammad Ansari
29 Kave Rezaee
30 Karim Ansarifar
31 Erfan Mirzapour

Erfan is God of football

Erfan is the best player

Erfan in future will be best football player in IR

He is the Cristian of Iran..

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32 Ferydoon Zandi

Ye pesare dost dashtani

33 Alireza Beiranvand

Throw King - BPS

We call him kalagh of asia

34 Hossein Mahini
35 Alireza Haghighi

He is a great goalkeeper

36 Soroush Rafiei
37 Rahi Yazdi
38 Ebrahim Tahami

Captain Majidi is The Best...
We Love Farhad... 7 & 4

39 Pejman Montazeri
40 Moharam Navidkiya

The firs Iranian soccer player who won the best player of the year twice

41 Mehdi Kiani

Mehdi is the best midfield in Iran
Viva Tractor

Mehdi is capitan of tractor this year too

42 Andranik Teymourian

He runs fast and he plays so good. And he loves Iran so much

One of my favorite players!

43 Gholam Hossein Mazloumi
44 Homayoun Behzadi
45 Hassan Rowshan
46 Amir Ghalenoei

General is the best

47 Ali Reza Mansourian
48 Hamid Estili

He scored the most important goal in the 1998 world cup! And because of him, Iranians all over the world can feel proud forever.

49 Mansour Pourheidari
50 Ramin Rezaeian

Best defender of iran

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