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21 Shayea

Perfect lyrics

Shayea is just amazing. his poets are masterly written by him which even some idiots can't write such good poets in yrs

He's the best
Listen too Refigh Fabrik song you'll understand what I say

22 Fadaei Fadaei

One of top flows

Fadaei fadaei alhaq dare

I Love You Fadai


23 Amir Khalvat

His so good rapper just after Ho3in

Amir is best rapper

The best rapper with special voice

The best iranian rapper

V 4 Comments
24 Khodam
25 Armin 2afm

Hi is the best, love me

Ye donei dada ashghtam sha

I love you ARMIIN...

26 Behzad Leito

The best rapper in the world

He is the best in the world

In my oppinion best young talent

He is better than jj and pishro

27 Mohammad Reza Shayea V 3 Comments
28 Ahmad Solo

Ahmad solo king of felt

King of diss love

I love you ahmad SOLO

He is my love

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29 Khalse

He is god of lash we love you khalse

I love khalse so much

Khalse Is Best Just It


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30 Leito

It s a goood iranian raper

<3 I love you

Leito is de beest :-*

I love you

31 Sijal

ZedBazi Flag is Up

He is my love

Is the beest and very good
Sijal is my love ever

32 Yaghma Golrooe
33 Saman Wilson Saman Wilson V 2 Comments
34 Tik Taak V 3 Comments
35 Tighe V 1 Comment
36 Alireza JJ Alireza JJ Alireza Jazayeri, better known by his stage name Alireza JJ, is an Iranian rapper, producer, and film director.

Best beat number #1

Number 1 in Iran

Number 1

Powerful.high iq and every thing that rapper needs

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37 Melanie
38 Mamdali
39 Samir
40 Ali Pishtaz
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