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61 Iman Black

Iman the best rapper

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62 Pooria Putak

He is the best but he is not a known artist his texts are the best he should be the first in this ranking.



POORIAPUTAK is a professional rapper who has set records six albums (62 tracks) in a year.

Personal information
Full name : Pooria Arab known as PUTAK
Date of birth: Thursday, June 27, 1991
Place of birth: Tehran, Iran
Height 1.72 m

PUTAK was born on Thursday, June 27, 1991, in TEHRAN, IRAN.In the 2005 he released his first album. The name of the album was "NASAKH". The album included 13 tracks but one of the songs was removed for some reason.he has been released 10 albums in different genres:
- 13:00
- Single (Chegoone begam k,Mahdoode,negahbane tire bargh,dehghane khalafkar)
- God Is Dead
- Changar series (3)
- Suicide (Khodkoshi)
- ALfbT
- Born After Suicide (Double Album)

Travel prelude
in 2013,first of all He traveled to Rome,America,Germany finally he descided to live in ukraine temporarity.he recorded one album in koln and 3 albums in kiev. he always is overworked.

63 Jafar V 3 Comments
64 Amir Ghiyamat

I live you king diss live

King of the diss love

I love you amir

65 Shayan Hate V 6 Comments
66 Dr.k.ok V 1 Comment
67 Ali Afsa

Best on the diss track

Yes yes yes king of the gang & diss track

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68 Mehdi Javid

His voice is good

Hi is Lord of diss love

You is my love

His voice is good.

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69 Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, GOIH is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays for Spanish club Real Madrid and the Portugal national team.
70 FaNa
71 Aein
72 Sina Mafi
73 Sobhan Bagheri
74 Sahand Abdoli
75 Milad Sweet

Hi has a nice voice.

My love milad sweet

Hi has nice voice

76 Ali Ashabi
77 Farshad Pixel

Is the best king of diss love

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78 Ali Daei
79 Erfan Shyger V 1 Comment
80 Rezvan
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