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21 Hayedeh

She is first singer of...
Of the all time

It's ridiculous and sad that she's not ranked first or isn't even among the top five. Many trash singers up there. She's the best Iranian singer of all times. Even 26 years after her death, her voice soothes the soul and makes the spirit soar. May she rest in eternal peace. Amen.

When you listen to her music, it's as if she just finished singing it, always fresh and full of heart. Yet, she passed away many moons ago, in my opinion, she's #1 and there is no second! May she rest in peace

She Is A Legend.
The World Doesn't See Another Singer Like Her.
Rest In Peace.

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22 Sirvan Khosravi

Sirvan khosravi: the best mixing & mastering
He is rhythmic singer
He is special and have special sound
He has his kind of music
We love it
But I think it should be top of this list
Because in Iran he is so famous and have much advocate
Please change it

Sirvan has a new style that cause make a different between him and other singer

He is the king of pop music in Iran ; )

Why 22? He is one of the bests. He has great voice and performance on stage. Please put him in top ten.

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23 Arash Arash

I've been a fan since his first song. Arash you are the best!

I love him he is the best singer in the whole world I love. Broken Angel and Melody. I am Iranian girl

Arash is my best Favourite singer

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24 Shahram Shokoohi V 9 Comments
25 Mohammad Alizadeh

Alizadeh is the best singer Iranian

He is my favorite singer in iran he is really good I don't know what to say I just love him and love his songs its relaxing

He is my favorite Iranian singer

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26 Sasy Mankan

His voice is awesome. I love his style.

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27 Reza Yazdani

Reza Yazdani is the best & I'm glad that he's supporting rock music in Iran.. He's perfect & I could never imagine a rocker better than him..

Professional singer and voice too

He is best Iranian rock-electronic musician, arranger and singer

Mr yazdani is best in Iran.

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28 Xaniar

The only Iranian singer/songwriter worth being a fan of. He has a perfect celebrity image. He's good with lyrics and melody not to mention the vocals. His live performances are great. All and all XaniaR's music style is unique and quite appealing to the young music lovers looking for fresh songs and techniques. He's always been well-liked by foreigners as well.

Xaniar is his own person. Stop adding 'and his brother' in every damn comment

He's great... I just wish he hadnt let the success get to his head. He was a sweetheart before the license now he's aloof and doesn't have time for the fans...

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29 Hamid Askari

Hamid Askari have a very very beautiful voice.

He is best Iranian pop music in all of time
He is better than shadmehr aghili
Very goood

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30 Ali Abdolmaleki

His live performance is admirable, fantastic ability in singing and exploiting is full potential in singing, I permanently advocated this singer because of something Germane to his voice, He has a desperate way forward success and his real grade!

Ali Abdolmaleki is the best singer in Iran

ALi Abdolmaleki Is best singer from Iran

Always, Ali Is The Best For Ever

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31 Benyamin Bahadori

He is great! Love the music, love the song, love his voice, the personality and his fashionable look

The most creative Singer... Love him

Love the music, the lyrics, styles...

I think he has a fantastic talent. his voice is just out of this world. Love his slow songs.

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32 Mehdi Ahmadvand

Mehdi ahmadvand is the best singer are ever seen in the worlds.

My love you are the best singer in Iran.

Mehdi is best singer and we love him so much

Mehdi Ahmadvand is better than any one!

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33 Hamid Talebzadeh
34 Sami Beigi

He is my favourite singer I love his songs but most I love. Majnoon and joon khodet

I am an Iranian too

He is handsome &kind.Iranian people love he very much.He is the best.He is our king

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35 Hosein Khaje Amiri

Undoubtedly he is the best voice of contemporary of Iran

36 Mehrzad Amirkhani

Not bad not good he Is between them

Yor poems are the best we really feel love with hearing the musics with your poems we love them from the heart...

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37 Amir TaTaloo

I love you amir tataloo. Amir is best singer to the world

You are best. And just the bests can know you.

Amir is a best singer to the world

Your is my best friend I like your musical and you is verry nice

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38 Yalda
39 Chartar

A missing genre of music from Iranian songs

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40 Shahram Shabpareh
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