Best Iranian Singers

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41 Ramtin Saemi
42 Farhad Mehrad

The best Persian singer for ever

43 Leila Forouhar

She is the best

She is the best singer in the world

The best Iranian singer

The best singer

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44 Mohammad Esfahani

He is great singer I know

45 Mehrad Hidden Mehrad Hidden

I love Mehrad and Best Rapper IN Iran

I think mehrad is the best singer... He has powerful sound

He is Beat and Voice


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46 Morteza Pashaei

Morteza Pashaei had been elected as a best Iranian singer in recent months. But your site has changed his name to Mostafa Pashaei (his brother). While this act is a dirty cheat and betray to Morteza's fan. Meanwhile all of the comments under it are about Morteza and it is so funny that you change Morteza's name to Mostafa because Mostafa is not a singer at all he just sing a song of his brother to abuse Morteza's position and misuse of his brother popularity. Please amend his name as soon as possible.

He Is Actually the best in the world

I'm sorry because of your bad cheat to the fan of morteza. why you changed his name as mostafa pashaei (his brother)? Mostafa is not singer - sahar456

I look up to him he is my idol

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47 Mahasti

Is the best singer

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48 Naser Abdollahi

He was one of the best Iranian singers with his really different songs

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49 Saman Jalili

Saman jalili is the best

He is prince of pop and no body can be like him

He is the best in pop he is king


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50 Shahram Nazeri

The Master Nazeri has a unique epic voice who is considered as one of the best Iranian traditional and classical singer.

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51 Mehdi Yarrahi V 3 Comments
52 Pouya Bayati

Hi is good singer

He is the best

It's my brother name

53 Sadegh Sadegh

Man I promise you if there will be a conversation about music from sadegh to any top 20 singers of this list none of them (except on 2 or 3 )can't defeat sadegh...
I'm sure who has been voted to any body except sadegh hasn't even heard one track of sadegh...

54 Siamak Abbasi
55 Shahab Ramezan

Love him, you know, he is one of the beet singers in the world

56 Naser Heydari

I think this singer can make Iran pop music with his voice very very good in market if they work with him very close and make him a good quality melody... he is a very very talented person

This singer can make good good future for him self, he has a good good quality voice.

Very good voice, I like it very much

The best...of the best.

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57 Emad Talebzadeh

He is the best

He is very good - niloufar

It is very good also he is so assertive. I love him

Actually, his voice made come and I love his sad song more.

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58 Homayoun Shajarian

He is same his father very good

He's the best!
Only listen his "Che danestan"

Only listen to "chera rafti"

59 Sogand

The Best Woman of RAP in Iran

The best woman of rap

You are the best

She is the best

60 Sohrab Asadi

Best of Iranian singer

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