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21 Two Door Cinema Club
22 The Waterboys

The Waterboys's leader Mike Scott is a massive song writing talent but he is not Irish. He is a Scottish.

They came in like and went away like a bullet! Still listening 20 yrs later!

23 Dana

Dana's Easter album 'Love my Life' and 12" single 'For You, For Us' have money back guarantees, if not totally satisfied... in select stores now! Very select stores.

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24 Dropkick Murphys
25 The Coronas

An amazing band... Are WAY too good to be this low in the list :(... Just go see them live, they are amazing!

26 Glen Hansard

An angelic voice... Raw talent at it's best, also I met him once and he is a true gentleman

Amazing artist! Deserves to be in the top 5 at least! So underrated!

27 My Bloody Valentine My Bloody Valentine My Bloody Valentine is a shoegazing, alternative rock, Irish band from Dublin, formed in 1983, which consists of guitarist, producer, samplist, and vocalist Kevin Shields, drummer and samplist Colm Ó Cíosóig, bassist Debbie Googe, and later on in their early career vocalist, and guitarist Bilinda more.
28 The Boomtown Rats
29 Hozier

Listen to "From Eden" or "Like Real People Do" or basically any of his other songs. He's brilliant.

One of the best rising stars of 2015. Glad to see he didn't turn out to be a one hit wonder.

An amazing artist with such a pure, beautiful voice, fabulous!

Unique voice

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30 Therapy? Therapy? Therapy? is an alternative metal band from Northern Ireland. The band was formed in 1989 by guitarist–vocalist Andy Cairns from Ballyclare and drummer-vocalist Fyfe Ewing from Larne, Northern Ireland.
31 Clannad
32 The Bogey Boys

One of the most underrated live acts EVER in Ireland and the UK. Criminally written out of Irish Rock History!

Class band. Never mentioned in the 'heyday' early eighties retrospectives, oddly, when they were probably the biggest live rock draw in Ireland, and touring Europe and the US, but D.C. nien, The Blades and several others always 'trotted out' when, in fact, they meant little to anyone outside of the Baggott Inn!

33 Horslips
34 Damien Rice

# 34? I don't know what kind of music the world listens to but this guy clearly deserves a slot in the top 10.

This guy is a living legend... He is so talented, just amazing!

35 Bell X1
36 Look to the Lady
37 Black 47
38 Hudson Taylor

Two fabulous young guys with lovely voices... Listening to them would make you feel proud to be Irish

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39 Lisa Hannigan

And I assumed Damien Hice would be on the list

40 Christy Moore
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