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41 The Wolfe Tones

Irish traditional music at its best!

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42 Ronnie Drew
43 Look to the Lady
44 Look to the Lady
45 Black 47
46 Orla Gartland

Her music is so wonderful. Have been following her for such a long time, and her voice is so magical, and her talent is immense and her songs play in my head through most of the day.

47 Liam Clancy
48 The Bree Harris Band
49 Aslan
50 And So I Watch You From Afar

One of the most awesome post rock band I've listened to!

51 The Mighty Stef
52 The Frames
53 The Revs
54 Cathy Davey
55 Paddy Casey

Fantastic artist, able to sing, play instruments, composes amazing songs & always stays true to himself, incredible

56 Brian McFadden

What an artist he is... Rock, Po, Electric, Rap he has done everything...

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57 The Saw Doctors

One of the best live bands around for many years and a back catalogue of great albums. I Used Ta Love Her was once vited best Irish song so WHY are they not in the top 48. Wake up out there

58 Hothouse Flowers

These ought to be on list, especially given some of the above names?

59 Tommy Makem

Baritone vocalist who originally performed with the Clancy Brothers. Heart-stirring traditional Irish songs at their very best when performed by Tommy over the decades.

60 That Petrol Emotion
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