Best Irish Youtubers

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1 Jacksepticeye

Jacksepticeye is the best YouTuber in the world I love how he is so boss all the time he makes me happy all the time and I wish he was on the top you list because when you learn to know sean like I do you will love him and high fives to all the people that is a sub like me

He has over 4.5 million subscribers... Why isn't he on top?

He's the funniest guy on YouTube

No offense but his voice is seriously annoying. - TwilightKitsune

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2 OneyNG
3 3sixty5days

he's just A M a Z I n GGgggggGGGG

4 U2official
5 TheStyleDiet

Anna is amazing and her family are so gorgeous!

6 Sir Puga

The only known Irish user that has an account here - TwilightKitsune

If I'm not number one by Christmas I will end anime. You've been warned. - Puga

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8 apartmentred
9 westlife
10 volcomstone37922

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11 iTzLuPo
12 ShaneDawsonTvHDVids
13 miracleofsound

This guy makes amazing music and has half a million subscribers, yet he's not on any of these lists.

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