Seventh Son of a Seventh Son


You could say, The Number of the Beast is the best album, because there are amazing songs, and the best Maiden Song ever: "Hallowed be thy Name".

But Seventh Son of a Seventh son is more than just good songs. I always get that awesome feeling I cannot describe. The album is just perfect. Every song is great and supporting the next one. They push each other.

My favourite song is "Infinite Dreams"! Awesome track, but even better, when you listen to the whole album.

Fantastic album. Most of the time, even with Iron Maiden albums, there are a couple songs I think "oh, that could have been better." Not so here. Every song was perfectly placed, perfectly timed, perfectly executed. While I did not like some songs as much as others (Only the Good Die Young), they just felt right when listening to the album as a whole. This is Maiden at their finest, and that is saying something.

This and The Number of The Beast are, in my opinion, their greatest albums. However, I fee that SSoaSS has a slight edge due to the album feeling more consistent. There isn't ONE bad song on this album and I enjoy listening to all of them. Strongest tracks are Infinite Dreams, the title track and The Clairvoyant.

I was split between this and Powerslave, but I had to go with Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. Every single song is simply perfect, with feelings ranging from happiness, melancholy, sadness, to making you want to bring the walls of your house down with your head. In this album, Iron maiden turned from a great metal band to an amazing band period. This is pure art.

Easily their musical peak. Infinite dreams is the greatest song Maiden have ever made, this album defines the 80s period for Maiden, which is their best period by a mile

I think is Maiden most genuine album, every song is really great.
The Number of the Beast is great to. But it some song from that album that I'm think is not that good. I think the same about Fear of the Dark is have 5-6 great songs and 5-6 fill in songs. But 7th son of a 7th son every song is really good, my opinion.

Although other albums may have produced more hit songs, SSoaOSS is the band's most complete album. Every member is at the peak of their musical careers, the album is beautifully made, full of great songs that rise to even greater heights in the contest of the album.

This one and Number of the Beast are tied in No. 1 but I vote SSOASS because its on 7th spot! This album has the best sound quality and is the biggest step forward in the whole career of Iron Maiden. Best tracks: Infinite Dreams, the Evil that Men Do, The Clairvoyant.

This a killer album and it should be higher than a 3 on this list! The whole feel of the album, the quality of the music, and the intense yet fascinating lyrics are just a few of the many reasons that this album should be in the number 1 spot! Up the Irons forever!

Definitely the one of the best concept albums ever. The folklore of the seventh son of a seventh son is just such a great concept to base an album off of. Also the fact that this is their seventh studio album is the icing on the cake.

The intro in the song THE EVIL THAT MEN DO is what defines the word HEAVENLY ( just watch music video) and the best part is Bruce's vocals (no screaming :D). Infinite Dreams is also a very good song. The band's absolute peak of their career. Vote for this!

One of the few Iron Maiden albums this cohesive from start to finish, with musical and lyrical variations that still stick to a central theme. A masterpiece in storytelling and art, and a must-hear for anyone interested in heavy metal.

My absolute favorite Maiden album. Every song is a perfect thematic execution of galloping guitars, Dickinson's pitch-perfect vocals and literary classic lyrics blended with melodic synthesizers that make this an experimental masterpiece.

Best album from Iron Maiden. From first minute to the last there is a dominating theme, that special sound like all the songs were composed together. Just following each other and telling a story. A conceptual masterpiece!

This is their best album, hands down, with the introduction of keyboards (1988)

Songs like: Moonchild, Infinite Dreams, The Evil That Men Do, The Clairvoyant and the self-titled album name song itself just rocks and are so heavy!

The best Iron Maiden album ever! It's even better than Powerslave and it's so underrated. Many great riffs, catchy melodies and absolutely great lyrics. It's got great atmosphere. I love all the songs from this album.

I have every Maiden ALbum but this is easily the best - the vocals are so clear - can her all the words. Excellent song writing. Infanate Dreams - best album track - ever. The Clairvoyant - best single ever.

Perfect. I actually like it better than number of the Beast just because this albums feels more cohesive and doesn't have any sub par songs like gangland on the number of the beast. And the title track is one of the best maiden songs.

Best album ever made! All songs are simply amazing, but infinite dreams is absolutely out from this world! And for me it's very special song since I've felt exactly what the song describes on several nightmares...

As others have said: the peak of their career! There isn't a single bad song on the album. The best metal album ever which also holds the best metal song created to date: Infinite Dreams.

One of metal's best albums ever! Every song is a pure gold, and here you can hear the band on their top! Strongest Maiden album from first to the last song, not one filler here!

All around this album is good, the songs, the story, the power, the lyrics, the feeling, the atmosphere... Could be one of the best albums ever in the history of heave metal

The reason why this is not up there is that it takes more than a fan to appreciate this. Very underrated. Best Iron Maiden album along with Somewhere in Time.

BEAT MAIDEN ALBUM EVER, The Lyrics, The music Quality and everything is just flawless not even The Number of the Beast comes anywhere near this masterpiece.

This is not only the best Maiden album (which is, by itself, very difficult to state) but also one of the best heavy metal albums of all times. If you had to explain to an alien what heavy metal is, giving him SSOASS shoul be enough. Great concept story, great cover, perfect harmony in instruments in every song, dark and smart lyrics... Just perfect. And with all the elements it leaves a part for your imagination making you part of the album... Can it get any better?