Somewhere in Time


This album, in my opinion, sounds the best out of all the other maiden albums. Don't get me wrong, Maiden has other really fantastic albums, but on somewhere in time, the recordings, the instruments, and of course Bruce's vocals all just really shine.

Now what do you get when you mix a perfect sounding recording with a band that put a ton of energy in to writing the material? You get Somewhere in time.

The experimentation with synth from Steve, Adrian, and Dave that ultimately sounds mind blowing.
Bruce's powerful, mind blowing vocals.
Nicko's pounding, Thunder-like drumming.

The February 6th 1987 "Somewhere on tour" show was also the best concert I've ever seen, Hands down. These guys know A live performance.

1 - Caught somewhere in time 10/10
2 - Wasted years 10/10
3 - Sea of madness 10/10
4 - Heaven can wait 9.5/10
5 - Long distance runner 8/10
6 - Stranger in a strange land 10/10
7 - Deja-Vu 9/10
8 - Alexander the Great ...more

Somewhere in Time was the first Iron Maiden record I ever owned and probably my first experience with a true album outside of The Beatles. My tastes in music have changed over the years, but this album always appeals to me... All the way through. In fact, in my own personal dictionary, Somewhere in Time is the very definition of the word "album".

This is also the Maiden album that has "Alexander The Great" on it, which is in my opinion one of the best tracks of all time by anyone.

There might be maiden albums that are better beginning to end than this album, but I think it's their best because it go them past the tier of (legendary old school metal band) and into the God-tier of one of the best bands of all time, since it shows that they can change their style 3+ times and still make absolutely legendary music. To be at the very top as they were after NotB, PoM, and Powerslave, and have the musical self-respect to not just be a one trick pony but really experiment with their sound and deliver 110% with absolute classics of the genre like Wasted Years, Alexander the Great, Caught Somewhere in Time, Stranger in a Strange Land, etc. that's work of Gods. Many bands try a new sound and struggle pretty hard (*cough* Metallica *cough*) but Maiden went from the Headbanger era into the deep synth era with like they'd been doing it from the beginning. Absolutely incredible work, go listen

I Find it very difficult when rating songs from a band that has such an amazing breadth of work like Maiden. to pick solely one song and regard it definitely is almost impossible. But Alexander the Great is one of the rarities. This song is THE most underrated/obscure Maiden song, period. And the more than 3 minutes of just absolutely phenomenal guitar work from 4:00 to 7:10 is THE best they have ever composed, period. - Mike777

MY FAVORITE MAIDEN SONG IS MOTHER RUSIA (NPFD) but somewhere in time is UNDERrated if you listening sea of madness, wasted years, the loneliness of the long distance runner, caught somewhere in time you will see it's good stuff.

I don't see how this album is below Brave New World. While BNW was a great album, Somewhere in Time has, in my opinion, 2 of the greatest Iron Maiden songs they ever wrote in "Caught Somewhere in Time" and "Sea of Madness. " Fantastic album and my second favorite Iron Maiden album just slightly behind Powerslave.

I really like how Iron Maiden experiments with synth guitars on this album. It sounds absolutely fantastic, especially on songs like Wasted Years and the incredible Alexander The Great.

... Best album ever in music all witch this album is amazing guitars, bass, drums, and dickingson, s voice the album cover its so cool eddie in the future WOW best album in metal and music!

Probably the most melodic album from Iron Maiden. I can't stop listening to it. But this was a hard decision as every iron maiden album is epic!

Sea of Madness and Heaven can wait were the only lacking songs here, but everything else and ESPECIALLY "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner" were nothing short of amazing.

Every song on this album is a masterpiece. Should I go to a isolated isle for the rest of my life with only one album, that would be surely Somewhere in Time.

Every song is awesome. Diverse yet staying true to a single style. Synth experimentation is great, still very heavy as usual.

This the album that made me a major Iron Maiden fan in 1992 and although every Maiden album is absolutly amazing, my vote has to go with Somewhere in Time it still rings true till this day just listen to songs like Wasted Years, Stranger in a Strange Land, De Ja Vu and Alexander the Great just to name a few off that album.

This album doesn't get all the fan fare, but if you listen to it in it's own merits it kills. Heavy as hell...

Easily my favourite Iron Maiden album, Wasted Years and Sea of Madness are my favourite tracks. This for me is the winner!

This album is great, I love the loneliness of the long distance runner that my favorite song

Yes a great album some of their best songs off here. Also I love the robot eddie. Sea of madness is my highlight.

should be top 5... very underrated. obviously better than brave new world

Great riffs, great solos, great lyrics and incredibly well constructed songs that don't follow the traditional formula

I am a new Maiden fan since two years and I love all albums of them. But this one is my favorite. I love the metal/synth blend.

This for me is their finest hour while 7th son comes in 2nd... And then so on.

I love the eddie robot and the songs are catchy as ever and have epic guitar solos beats them all by miles

Underrated album, it is one of their best by far. - Songsta41

This album is actually really good. If you ask me, I would say this is a top 3 Iron Maiden album. - Metarock

The most underrated album Maiden ever did!
Beats brave New World by a long shot.
Stellar Songs, amazing solos. What more can a Maiden fans wish for.
And this album has a ferocity about it, which I love.