Best Isis Songs

The music of ISIS: "Patient, meticulous, fraught with tension and gradually building towards an apex of seismic proportions."

The Top Ten

1 In Fiction

The entire song is great, but that ending brings it to a whole new level of greatness that not very many artists can achieve! It's so eargasmic! - slipperyjack30

I didn't know the Islamic state made music

2 Dulcinea
3 Weight
4 Threshold of Transformation
5 So Did We
6 Holy Tears
7 Syndic Calls
8 Low Tide
9 Carry
10 1,000 Shards

The Contenders

11 Garden of Light

One Of The Best Songs..!
Truly Amazing piece of work
It's a Master Piece

12 Ghost Key
13 The Other
14 Hall of the Dead
15 Grinning Mouths

How come grinning mouths isn't second?

16 The Pliable Foe
17 The Beginning and the End
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