Best IT Schools in the Philippines

AMA Computer College can also be considered. Why?

1) I have chosen it to be the school where my only daughter can be trained in IT

2) My other colleagues & friends also chose it for their children.

3) Expensive though it may seem but it paid off after the child graduated

4) They were hireable and knowledgeable. There was no difficulty in finding a job right after graduation

5) My daughter worked in the country for 2 years and was hired at Penang, Malaysia (without expense from our side). The company paid for everything.

6) After working for more than a year she applied and was accepted and now working at HP in Singapore. She's contented and happy.

7) This may not be the end, but she is eyeing to go to NZ or Australia if better opportunities knock on her door.

8) All these show that what she learned from AMA and her resourcefulness to read about IT have brought her to her dreams


AMA, c'mon it's a yuckie school! - visitor

either AMA or STI lng naman eh..... - visitor

Home run! Great slggunig with that answer! - visitor