FEU East Asia College


It has a high standard of education for information technology students and engineering students and has one of the best curriculum in Project management

yeah! I'll be studying here and this just inspired me more!

Their linkage program is their best asset! The 6-month internship from local to multinational companies helps its students in entering the industry and thus provides a huge advantage in getting the job. Students really do receive Job Offers even before their graduation. That's a fact. But the most significant contribution of this linkage for me is that it provides updates on the latest technologies available or "what's in" in the business to which the college uses as an opportunity to improve its curriculum, every now and then. So even before students enter the on-the-job thing, they can already wrap their heads around any jargon that will surely Wow the employers!

yes I agree. It has a high standard of education for information technology students, Complete and Efficient facilities are present to contribute for the development of every students. One of the best in the country. Also hailed as Center of Excellence. Aside from just focusing on how the computer works, students can specialize in game designing, software creation, etc. The College of Computer Studies is not only about computers but it also a mix of Engineering as well. -1I like Ateneo de Manila but, I cannot study in Ateneo de Manila because the tuition fee is so very high

I only spent two trimesters in FIT but I can surely say they offer the best possible education when it comes to information technology. They are truly out standing, I am currently enrolled in ama makati and I have to say with no bias that ama does not deserve to be first on example you can see students get awful communication skills, professors give more value to their social necessities than the education of the students it's self and my programming professor still experienced a bug in her hello world code, which is truly just pitiful if I ever get the chance to I will enroll in FIT again cause in ama I feel like my technical know hows and programming knowledge are regressing more than learning.

FEU - East Asia College is a the IT school that has comprehensive ITE curriculum, it not only produces excellent Information Technology and Computer Science Graduates, but also outstanding Engineering graduates. Truly it is a an IT school but it produces consistent topnotchers in the Philippine Board Exams. It also does a great job in integrating information technology in every program and course it offers.

Furthermore, it continuously strives to improve its educational quality by conducting researches and cooperation with local and international schools.

FEU-EAC is one of the best schools offering IT courses in the country. With CHED's distinction for being Center of Development, FEU-EAC is gearing toward for a more higher accreditation and to provide quality education to everyone. Back-up by its industry partners it continuously raises the bar of excellence not just in the field of information technology but to all its academic programs (Engineering courses).

This is tops other educational institutions because the courses offered here are divided, depending on your preferred specialization. It's programming team, the Eager iTams, consistently ranks in the national annual programming competitions like the ACM IUPC and ICPC.

Its BS in Information Technology is also a Center of Excellence, which is given out by the Commission of Higher Education in the Philippines.

FEU-East Asia College is one of the best IT schools there is, the graduates here are mostly in top IT companies and are hired all over the world. The students and the teachers help each other to make the school number 1.

Students in FEU-East Asia College strive hard for excellence while the administration strive hard to give the best quality education for students. Being part of the FEU-EAC family gives me the chance to improve my skills as an IT person while maintaining my professional personality.

FEU-East Asia College, center of excellence in IT and Engineering not only in the Philippines but in ASIA. "Respond for Job Request" are waiting for Undergraduates and Graduates. Many big and famous companies to choose from in OJT/Internship with salary during 4th year.

the professors are efficient and excellent in teaching their students the information that they need. they also make sure that the students are equipped with the necessary skills that are expected to them as future IT professionals.

FEU- East Asia College is definitely one of the best IT schools in the Philippines. Not only that it is recently winning competitions but it also has great facilities compared to other schools. Also, the students here are very competitive.

We've had experience getting trainees or OJTs from feu eac, and they always exceed our expectations.. Most of the time, they're even better than graduates from other schools. Attitude-wise and skills-wise, they really are good. By the way, we are a software firm from makati.

FEU East Asia College provides intensive internship up to 8 months that prepares students to the demands of real-world jobs as such they get hired prior graduation. Their curriculum is strengthened with partnerships with CISCO, SAP and ORACLE.

FEU-East Asia College, is producing high quality students not only in IT but in engineering. They have a high standard education which showcases the latest technologies that students need to know for them to be better when they are in real world.

I am proud to have received modern IT education at FEU - East Asia College (Batch 2005) and I can certainly say that this, in part with my passion in Web Development has led me to the fruitful career that I am in right now. I am cordially inviting everyone with interest in the world of Web and Mobile applications to start studying IT.

Yes it is! FEU - East Asia College has it, It gives students great opportunities on them to enhance their skills in the field they want, both Engineering and IT, and that's the reason why many secondary level graduates chose this College. Where Industry meets Academe!

FEU East Asia College or FEU Institute of Technology (currently called) is absolutely the best IT school in the Philippines. With its newly built 17-storey building and useful facilities. It will help everyone make their studies much easier.

I saw the curriculum of this university and it is one of the best that I ever seen. The curriculum is very essential when you graduate and you can really use it in the real world of IT industry. They have a very extensive internship program wherein you are expose for two trimester unlike the other school. One more thing they have a very good industry partners where the student can have their OJT. It is really awesome. See it for yourself!

Indeed, "Where Industry Meets Acadame". IMBA Professors, students, guards and janitors. Being an I-tam is not just a privilege, but it's an opportunity. OPPORTUNITY to clasp innovative knowledge towards field of IT

FEU-East Asia College is identified as a Center of Development for Excellence in IT Education and is one of the Top 5 IT schools in the National Capital Region. It is also a Cisco Academy, Oracle Academy and accredited by SAP...

FEU Tech, formerly FEU East Asia College, should be number 1. Besides being a top performing school in the Philippines, they also have a really strong IT and Engineering program. They have world-class facilities and had produced so many successful alumni! It's no doubt that they are the Top IT School in Manila. - lalalgenio

It really is the center of excellence in Information Technology! It does not only focuses on technology but as well as in community involvement. With its advanced facilities and quality faculties, this is the school for you!

FEU - East Asia graduates are so in demand... Expect a good company, no, a top-caliber company will hire you after your graduation. one of the premiere school that will rock your college life!