IACADEMY is one of the leading ICT and business schools, providing degree level programs. Living up to our mission of transforming students into future leaders, our graduates are competent individuals, sought after by local and international employers.

Education is learning what has been discovered while I. T. Is about innovation. The fusion of both is iACADEMY. Others may claim what they wish but if you check the records, iACADEMY has been responsible for the popularization of most of the trends in I. T. Education. We gave specializations meaning, we made the industry take notice with our 6-8 month internship program, we made the industry want to teach classes, we gave birth to most of the popular IT influenced courses in the Philippines today. We have accomplished more solid innovations to education in a 9 year time frame then any other college institution in Philippine history AND WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED! Others have started to follow suit, we don't mind, imitation is the greatest form of flattery besides its only natural for them to follow what works, which is proof that iACADEMY is changing the face of Philippine education forever!

IACADEMY is one of those schools that you may say, "newly - born". But what this school lacks in age, it makes up for in many other positive attributes. Quality. Innovation. Industrial - inclination. Location convenience. Hospitality. Community. Environment. Faculty and personnel's experience. Students' guidance and upbringing. Graduates' quality and quantity. There's a lot more to say about this school.

It may not get as much votes as those long - standing schools due to small and still developing fame, but for sure, belonging to this school will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment. IACADEMY is on its way!

IACADEMY gives you a feeling of not just being a student who wants to learn theories but also a family member who wants to be loved as well as treated with care to learn further. Moreover, teachers are not only cool but also equipped with great industry experience. Staff are also warm-hearted as well as approachable. This is a school where each student is well-known by their respective profs. Graduates of iACADEMY not only have high intelligence quotient but also emotional quotient - traits that can make your child ready to face any industry -locally and internationally!

The BSIT- Digital Arts program of iACADEMY offers intensive and hands-on training in the design, implementation, management, and maintenance of information resources using state of the art multi-media packages. This program also aims to develop and expand students' creative talents particularly in user interaction, global communications, and digital technology.

Appointed by IBM as its first IBM Center of Excellence in the Philippines and the ASEAN region, iACADEMY assures students access not just to technical knowledge taught in the classroom but most especially to meaningful advice regarding the current IT landscape in our country as instructors are members of the IT workforce, not just in academia.

IACADEMY started out with nothing but a sister school of STI and the like. Now nearing it's tenth year, the school has risen to become one of the leading and known IT school all throughout by becoming one of the training partners with WACOM. , by offering the 1st AND ORIGINAL BS Animation course, and just recently offering the 1st BS Game Development course and becoming the 1st and only IBM Center of excellence in the ASEAN region, making this school different from a wide range of IBM partner school throughout the country.

If you want a school where you will definitely feel at home with, I suggest you go to iACADEMY. The facilities are wonderfully designed, plus, the whole building is air conditioned!

When it comes to academics, no doubt iACADEMY tops the other IT schools. Because number of students limited and evenly distributed, the professors are able to focus on each student, hence providing a better interaction.

Also, there is no scarcity of facilities nor equipments here. You get to use the latest gadgets in your class!

IACADEMY is one of the best IT schools in the Philippines. Located at the heart of Ayala, Makati, Philippines, iACADEMY brings you the best quality education and state of the art facilities that lives up to its name. It also produces very competent students that are in demand by the local and international employers of the big companies because of their excellence, competence and hardwork.

With the daily barrage of information from the media, the global audience now has a limited attention span, noticing only catchy, fresh, and dynamic designs and concepts. Our school´┐Żs Digital Arts program ensures that we are always ready to respond to global multimedia demands.
In the program, we learn how to create graphics using both pixel and vector-based application " this diversity gives us an edge, with the easy adaptability with any interface. We are also given subjects in programming languages to be able to create multimedia applications using state-of-the-art computer system.

Being the IBM Center of Excellence says it all. This should be one of the reasons why iAcademy is best IT School in the Philippines.

And having a good internship/on-the-job training program, students learn how to relate school with the industry during this period.

Professors care to share ideas of their own experience that made students learn from it. Aside from it the facilities are good. The environment is also good that you can ask anyone of that course to help you. This made iACADEMY make to unleash students abilities with the help of the professors and staff, and also by themselves! Good luck iACADEMY!

Aside from the state of the art facility, we are taught to be LEADERS beyond the usual. I am just a typical student before but thanks to this school and it's student affairs for bringing out the BEST in me!


IACADEMY CAN iLEAD you to your goal of becoming one top I. T professional

IACADEMY can iLEARN to you all the things you needed to be one of the best

I.T professional and lastly

IACADEMY is a partner of IBM

Despite its size, iACADAMY offers the most cutting edge technology from Wacom, Apple and Windows. The teachers are great and are made sure that they were professional on whatever they do. Plenty of people from UP, UST and other colleges have moved here to iACADAMY when I was still a freshman, and they're still here in this school today!

The IT professors are working in the biggest IT companies in the Philippines. Scenario based tests are also being given to students at times. The On the Job Training of 6 months is also good because it enable students to learn and experience actual projects.

IACADEMY is appointed by IBM as their First ASEAN IBM Center of Excellence. It has the best equipment and facilities that the other schools does not have. IACADEMY has the most caring staff and it is one of the reasons why you will really enjoy your stay.

IACADEMY, the name speaks for itself. The institution is a non-trad college any student would want to go to not only for learning but for fun as well. The professors are mostly practitioners and who better to learn from than those in the field themselves.

IACADEMY gives extraordinary focus on its student training program. Thus giving its student the edge over the other, you might be focusing on one major, but here in iACADEMY we master the Basic and Specialized the field.


Offers intensive and hands-on training in the design, implementation, management, and maintenance of information resources using state of the art multi-media packages. This program also aims to develop and expand students' creative talents particularly in user interaction, global communications, and digital technology. - aisirc

This is the best school for fresh new IT students, and is really great for all Designing and Gaming people, I would recommend iAcademy any time of the day.

I may have moved away, but because of iAc my standards of looking for schools are still based and is very still very high, And if given the chance I would return to the school in a sec.

Go! IAc!

IACADEMY is not your typical off the shelf education. It challenges, it adapts, it transcends. In a world that is constantly in flux, the only education that makes sense is not the type that is bogged down by tradition but one that both celebrates and melds with the current. IACADEMY, bridging the gap between today and tomorrow.

This school made me WANT to get to class.. It's so AWESOME! Never a dull moment in class I can't think of life without having to go to this Amazing school

iACADEMY will give you 100% employment after you graduate.! it offers UNIQUE courses that will encourage you to enroll! ANIMATION, GAME DEVELOPMENT, SOFTWARE ENGINEERING, DIGITAL ARTS, MULTIMEDIA ARTS, business administration major in MARKETING and ADVERTISING, and FASHION DESIGN!

Experience is the best teacher. And when it comes to experiencing the best IT education, hands down to iACADEMY. Complete facilities, high quality equipment, ideal location, and great people.