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Information technology (IT) is the study of design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware. Vote now for the best IT school in the Philippines.

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21 Bulacan State University

BS Information Technology in Bulacan State University is really great. We have the good facilities and the highly equipped teachers. We really understands their teachings. Besides of that we also have yearly seminars and workshops that's why this school provides the best and competitive IT professionals here in our country. BIT:Computer Technology course here is also great. Many students are getting this course because of its highly in-demand on our society.

Good luck Bulsuans! We can prove it.. Go IT people.. Information Technology is one of the difficult course ever..

Computer Engineering here is the best!

the best

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22 Technological University of the Philippines

TUP is one of the most IT schools in the phillipines

=)) I love TUP

IT dito accredited na kaya mas lalo na tuloy hinahasa and mga IT dito.. First year palang pero tinetrained agad ng mabuti.. :))

23 Lyceum of the Philippines University

Computer Laboratories at it's best. Mac Laboratory, Matrix, CAD Laboratory, Simulation. One of the best IT school in the Philippines. Go LPU

Simply excellent. Winners of different national/inter-school competition like Intercollegiate IT Skills Olympics, great facilities and professors.

Excellent school and has a state of the art facility for IT..

Only university in the Philippines that offers quality education to their students specially in Technology courses, so what are you waiting for? enroll now.

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24 University of Batangas

It's College of Information and Communications Technology was awarded by IBM as Center of Excellence. Member of Microsoft IT Academy Program, SMART ADIS, and an industry partner of Allied Telesis, a world-wide known networking company.

They have a professionally known professors and they provide student with the high standard of education specially when it comes to technology.

This school is a Center of Excellence when it comes to Technologies, in University of Batangas, "BE THE BEST THAT YOU CAN BE! "

This University has great and skillful professors and this school has the Center of Excellence

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25 Asian Institute of Computer Studies

To offer quality yet affordable IT education most especially to poor and deserving students. " This has been the noble objective of AICS since the very start of its operation way back in 1996. The vision of Mr. Manuel T. Asis, Chairman of the Board and President of AICS, is to let the youth of today learn and enjoy the magnificent growth of Information Technology. It was in November, 1996 when the first school of AICS was opened in Fairview, Quezon City. It offers 2-year Computer Science Course, Computer Technology Course and other computer related short programs.

This is the pledge of AICS for almost 2 decade of existence. AICS vows to continue and extend its educational services and take part in building up the future generation in the 21st century.

AICS provides quality and affordable education for students who prefer computer and IT based courses for their tertiary education. In almost two decades of operation, the Institution produced graduates who are at par and well equipped with knowledge to compete and excel in the various fields of their chosen career.

Well actually in AICS their 1st and 2nd year of studies let the student master the computer/electronics unlike other schools they teach different parts of math which is not mainly used when you are doing such tasks in computer.

More knowledge in electronics

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26 National University

National University - College of Computer Studies is a COMPLETE PACKAGE in IT education, not only in the Philippines but as well as in the SouthEast Asian Region. With the best IT practitioners heading the college and faculty members, it offers state of the art facilities. The curriculum is up to date with the Industry technology and practice. It has the cutting edge of offering the first in the Philippines and in Southeast. Asia for their Digital Forensic degree program.

Full support from the management on faculty advancement while sending them for trainings in local and international experts.

Tuition Fee: what more can you ask for? With an average of 20k to 30k per semester.

REALLY the best IT school in the Region!

When it comes to Information Technology National University is one of the school that has a good performance whtn it comes to IT. As a school that is on it's rebuilding process, National University provides a good facilities and good professors as well. After 5 or 10 years there is no doubt that National University is one of the best schools here in the Philippines.

The best core faculty members. Best in industry linkages. Backed up by SM group of companies. Best ojt program. Innovative technologies like blackberry academic program, digital forensic, acer academic partner. First to offer in the entire Asia on digital forensic degree program. Best in state of the art facilities! Graduates are highly commendable by most of the companies... THE BEST IT SCHOOL IN SOUTHEAST Asia!

One of the best when it comes to IT.

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27 University of San Carlos

I am a PN scholar that's why I know all the facilities here in USC can be trusted.

University of San Carlos is the premier university in VisMin. Among the top 10 universities in the Philippines. IT/CS programs got courses like 3D Max, Macromedia, Networking, Advance Database, CorelDraw, Software Engineering, among others..

28 University of the Cordilleras

UC is the better IT institution compared to SLU. UC is the one among the few "centers of excellence" in IT education while SLU is just "center of development".
As well, the UC was the first tertiary in baguio to offer computer courses during late 80's that is why it is the most advanced school in the north..

While I am an SLU BSIT grad myself... I do believe my dear alma mater has lagged behind when it indeed could have been better than UC. UC is gaining grounds for opting to update their curriculum to the current trends and boasts highly competent mentors whilst SLU has been embracing their traditional methods.

University of the cordilleras is one of the best universities in northern luzon and has 3 center of excellence most specially their IT department. The quality of their education is exceptional and they have a trimester program which makes their students more competitive

Achievements and recognitions are the best parameter as a proof! UC is one among the few to have the "Center of Excellence" status; the only university in the north to offer Doctor of IT and last but not the least, UC won the android master under productivity/ utility category this year(2015). I guess it's enough!

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29 New Era University

New Era University must the one, "Best IT Schools in the Philippines", being top number 1 on "Best Engineering Schools"on US records, it also level up its facilities and curriculum for computer science, to updated its curriculum on IT through USAID (same level of Education as education in America). Now, New Era University are on the same level of education of any Universities/Colleges in America or Universities/Colleges inside the United Nations.

New Era University is the Best, Best Quality Education, Good Facilities, High Standards Professor and Best Computer System.

30 STI College STI College STI College, formerly known as Systems Technology Institute, is the largest network of for-profit information technology based colleges in the Philippines.

If you want to learn with substance, STI is the best choice. This institution builds my character as a better person. STI taught us to be TRUSTWORTHY, to RESPECT, to take RESPONSIBILITY, to be FAIR, to CARE and most of all, to be a good CITIZEN. This is not just a computer school as you think, it values ethics.

STI provide good environment to study well I experience not just being a university is the key it is how the school drives it... The STI legazpi is the best and they give best accommodation to students,...

I'm one of the students here at STI and I'm glad that they focusing in advance system of teaching. The standards here is also good and professors here is well trained


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31 University of the Visayas University of the Visayas The University of the Visayas is an educational institution located at Cebu City, Philippines. It is billed as the first school in the entire province of Cebu who gained a university status.

Indeed! This is the Best Universities in I.T. recently awarded as Champion in I. T Quiz Bowl in 2012...

The best I.T. School in the Philippines. It made top among other school in Cebu.

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32 University of the Immaculate Conception

The best IT school here in DAVAO! In the 3rd year in this course the students will be deliberated in the 3 most outstanding majors in the IT industry which is the Software Engineering, Computer Networks, and most specially the Multimedia. The good thing about deliberation is that the students will be focused on the major they were really good at.


Go UIC DAVAO I believe students here will graduate with a skills and a good potential of becoming an IT PROFESSIONAL that could really help in our industry

They have a good and pioneering computer facilities herein davao.

Go UICians GO team ITE

UIC is the first school in Mindanao to offer the BS in Information Technology course.

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33 Colegio de San Juan de Letran

Microsoft IT Academy. Program offers a wide array of specializations to choose from. Such specializations cover the premier facets of ICT, Software Development (SD), Systems Engineering (SE), Database Administration (DBA), and the most dynamic Digital Arts.

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34 Informatics Computer Institute

Hands on training.. That's makes them unique.. Makati branch is one of the best

The curriculum is very unique, Advance Subjects and WOW laboratories.

The knowledge that they are sharing with the students is competitive in other countries

International at may database programming, game programming, c#, java, sql, windows, linux as well as multimedia arts like 3dsmax, maya, cinema4d, audio production we also do video editing. So enjoy!

Millennial approach by the IT Lecturer! Great approach and easy to learn.

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35 AMA International Institute of Technology

AMA is the largest IT University in Asia. Not only in terms of structure but also in educational knowledge you can have to become the best.

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36 University of Perpetual Help System Laguna

Offering competitive graduates for the need of the future society

Perpetual has this direct approach in Information Technology which is very reliable.

The best IT school in the south.

I wanna be a part of this big university.

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37 University of San Jose - Recoletos

With the University's Goal of Quality Christian Community Oriented-Education, the curricular programs of USJ-R evolved from traditional to innovative course offering. In 2003, the College of Information, Computer and Communications Technology was created. CURRICULUM HIGHLIGHTS:

Value Integrated Subjects
Mainstreamed Christian-Community Orientation
Business-Industry Linkage
Regularly assessed subject contents by Alumni, Senior Students, Faculty, Administration and Industry Partners.
The College of Information, Computer, Communications Technology (CICCT) offers the following courses:

B.S. computer Science
B.S. information Technology
B.S. information Management
Associate in Computer Technology.

Breaking barriers, Empowering Lives...

Value-laden and quality Christian community-oriented education!

Highly standardized quality of education.

Widely employed IT grads are mostly from USJR.

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38 De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde

Benilde offers Information Systems, Business Administration major in Computer Applications, and Information Technology major in Game Development. We have the 1st Alienware lab here in the Philippines, dedicated to the students of Game Development. We held the country's first IT summit by a college. We have won multiple awards in Microsoft Imagine Cup - represented Philippines worldwide. We are studying high-end facilities other colleges lack and really great professors who are on the top of their field. In Benilde we are encouraged to use not just Windows, but adapt to multiple operating systems, thus giving us both Linux and Mac Lab. Our electives are awesome, especially the new one - IT Security/Ethical Hacking. I know right? More fun in Benilde.

Yes and have a very best scholarship programs for the less fortunate students

1st Alienware lab here in the Philippines and
Won multiple awards in Microsoft Imagine Cup - represented Philippines worldwide

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39 Asia Pacific College

For me, Asia Pacific College is the best school when it comes to Information Technology and Computer Science. The sub-categories of IT and/or CS here (e.G. game Developing, Mobile Application, Networking, Software Engineering, etc. ) are necessary for bridging the academe to industry.

Yeah, Asia Pacific College is the best in terms of real projects and real learning. I don't know why other schools are on top? But they are just famous. What matters most is the education offered. Not the name of school you graduated in.

Asia Pacific College is the best school when it comes to Information Technology.! Real Project, Real Learning.

It's the center of excellence in IT

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40 Colegio de Dagupan

I can only say that Colegio de Dagupan is one of the beat IT colleges in the entire Philippines. Aside from being one of the Center for Development in Excellence in this field, it also offers a good curriculum. Students are trained from the very basic of Programming, so that the far the students can go in this course they can really understand the advanced things about this field.

Aside from its excellent program in computer science and Information technology, majority of its faculty members are Masters Degree Holder in IT and continuing to study to give the best for their students.

They focuses on their students taking up Information Technology to bring out the best that education can offer

The best in REGION 1

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