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41 Pamantasan ng Cabuyao

I'm a programmer.. In PNC but I know that theirs a good, not only good but best I.T.! :) Because I prove it to my self.. Teachers in I. T is so understanding to their student and they made the teaching in I.T. but they see the capacity of a student to understand well in their course of I.T.. That's all thank.. Vote wisely..

Easy to understand the subject.

The learning will always depends on each student.

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42 Rizal Technological University

This University.. Was the first School / University that offers a BS Computer Engineering here in the Philippines.

Information and Communication Technology

Yes. The first college to offer bs computer engineering in the Philippines (RTC now RTU). Graduates were currently working on IT related company not just here in Philippines but also produces a lot of successful professional and talented employee.

Wlang BSIT saka BSCS but they have MSIT

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43 Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila

PLM is considered one of the prestigious schools in the Philippines. The excellent education in this university builds great and competitive students that can keep up with today's industry.

Who are the teachers/instructor/professor of the said TOP School in IT?
Answer: PLM graduates.

Surviving in PLM is already greatness.
But surviving Computer Studies Department of the said University?
I'll just give it a smile :) why? Just try

44 San Beda College
45 Centro Escolar University

I'm currently enrolled at centro escolar university and I must say that my school is capable in producing a great and versatile people in the field of IT.

Our Curriculum in Centro Escolar University is capable in producing IT profession into higher level.

Centro Escolar University is doing there best in producing students whom really pursue information technology here in CEU.

46 Immaculate Conception International - College of Arts and Technology

This is school in bulacan correct me if I'm wrong...

47 Laguna State Polytechnic University

"great school! Their teaching methods are always in line with the current IT trends

Great school and great proctors as well. I highly recommend this University!

Very competitive when it comes to academics

Produces globally competitive graduates.

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48 Central Luzon State University

The BSIT curriculum here is designed to produce Information Technology professionals who are ready to pursue careers in the various fields of computing and Information Technology. Students are trained to plan, design, develop, implement, and maintain Information Technology systems. Thus, graduates are equipped with necessary skills and are prepared to be part of the industry or become competent members of the ICT/MIS department of corporations.

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) is a 4-year-program offered by the Department of Information Technology, College of Engineering in partnership with the Information Systems Institute of this institution. - Carl

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49 Informatics College Quezon City (Informatics Diliman)
50 Computer Communication Development Institute

Produces such quality IT's. Its one of many colleges and universities in Bicol who produces outstanding student. - zyrene_romar

51 St. Paul University Manila
52 MSU - Iligan Institute of Technology

Teachers are very strict with projects, and they leave students alone to learn them. It is the essence in computer programming, this school produces IT professionals who are excellent programmers, but with the distinction that they were never spoon fed.

The environment is very competitive, you can meet a lot of people with great minds and great passion in computing. The school leaves a great mark on IT competitions (do some research) in both national and international level, great passing rate in IT Certification exams, challenging teachers, and all of that comes only with a small tuition fee.

The IT industry that this school forges is about something else. It builds the different communities of highly talented individuals who are competent themselves, into a horde of nerdy badasses. It unifies the best of what Mindanao have by their annual ITs and ICTs related events, and with this, constructs the new pillar of progress in the information age for Mindanao and for the Philippines.

They have classes on weekends from 8-9pm

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53 Cebu Institute of Technology - University

Highly recognized by ched in center of excellence along with up-cebu...

Always on top when it comes to board exams

CIT is one of the schools which draw the definite line between different IT Courses- be it Computer Science and IT. The faculty knows what they are talking about.

Best in IT! Specially in Cebu

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54 Asian College of Technology

This should be the best IT school (Awarded by the national council for product and service quality as the best IT school, go fly high

Asian College of Technology International Educational Foundation is the Best IT School in Cebu awarded by the National Council for Product and Service Quality for 6 consecutive years from 2005-2010 (Hall of Fame)... Indeed last 2010 ACT is the Champion for the Battle of the IT Schools participated by 17 State Colleges and Universities...

They have the largest computer lab consist of 240 computers and have partnership with lots of computer companies here and abroad. Some of their fresh graduates are immediately hired in Japan.

They have also been awarded as best IT school in Metro Cebu for 5 years making them a hall of fame.

Complete facilities

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55 Arellano University

ARELLANO UNIVERSITY PASAY BS INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY COURSE HAVE INCOMPETENT INSTRUCTORS, INCOMPLETE FACILITIES, not member of Microsoft, or any legit information technology agencies, graduates cannot compete with other university graduates of information technology, because of lack of skills in information technology, dept education please help our school

I REGRET MY STUDYING IN ARELLANO UNIVERSITY PASAY. after graduating in 2012 its difficult for me to look for IT job, because of my School low performance, so I enroll again to SAMSON COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY to Re-learn whats in Lacks in Arellano University Pasay, I Pass and graduate without the skills needed in Information Technology.

Arellano University Pasay Low Quality of Teaching have lazy professors, Most of Computers are Defective, incomplete learning materials, limited use of computers, the school cannot pass the PACUCOA.

Arellano University Pasay (Jose Abad Santos)

BS INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, BS COMPUTER SCIENCE, BSIS, Very Low Quality in Teaching, Very Low Quality Facilities, Lazy and NinComPoop Professors Like

Prof. Orlando Bernaldez and Prof. Leonard (Bading) Alejandro Etc... Dean Melchor Erise Please revamp your Professors and put the Best. They will Destroy the reputation of Arellano University Pasay.

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56 Mindanao State University

The best IT school in the Philippines.. Not just in IT. But most of al courses it offers..

This school is very competitive in all courses it offers

Best University in the Philippines in terms of IT educate...

MSU - Gensan definitely knows how to unlock students' potentials despite of its lack of equipment.

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57 Access Computer College

For me Access computer college a former access computer and technical school is the best. Teaching was more on hands on. Easy to understand.

A quality education within reach..

The teaching skills in access computer college is so great that you can learn much more when it comes in IT skills.

Access is the best for me

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58 Bestlink College of the Philippines

For me BCP offer a Quality education despite of the poor facilities, but right now they still enhanced the facilities of the school to make it better and give the students a nice and quality education. Maybe it takes a long adventure before make it one of the tops schools or colleges. One thing is nice is all professors are Good they also finished there degree in some great colleges like PUP. And that make things sound cool. because it might not weren't enrolled in most expensive school that offer a really nice facilities but the kind of education system that they teach in there, are also same for what the knowledge we get. The only question is, if the students get it? So my point is, I think were not just talking about the facilities but also the students if they can handle or understand the lesson's especially the difficult one like programing. At the end GOODLUCK to all student getting IT course. Some peoples say that this course is easy but in my experienced it wasn't... I'm still ...more

Professors are good because some of the IT professors and instructors are came from PUP.

Good Professors. Good facilities.

BCP start as institutes of technology., it wasn't the right one I forgot the name but its something like that. As the school expanded and bcp add more courses and the students increased the school was not able to maintain the facilities in IT department. But the needs of student, the school changed the curriculum just able to follow the standard of new generation technology. And the students who finished there degree in BCP is able to compete to all other colleges. They add more laboratories and new computer desktops. Having this kind of assets students and also professors able to give a higher standard of education.. So GOOD LUCK

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59 Jose Rizal University

For me J.R. you must be listed in the top 10 in best IT school in the Philippines not because I'm studying in that school because many students here enhanced their technical and programming skills in a different way. And also J.R. you also have a good and clean facility and professional professors.

ONE OF THE BEST I.T. sCHOOLS IN THE Philippines. YOU WILL LEARN HERE HOW TO USE SOFTWARES LIKE Microsoft Office Word, Paint, How to download the video from YouTube and How to use the crack...

Friendly Environment. Good Facilities. Good Quality of education. Good Curriculum. High Standards Professors. Best Computer system.

- Jru Stolen Shots

The facilities are well kept.

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60 University of Cebu

"They tech their students to become independent. "

Recognize and known as WEB master, because of their excellent performance in IT.

They mold the best techs in the Philippines. a new yet outstanding school for IT

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