University of Caloocan


It is the Best University ever though it does not have Good facilities, But still we learn very well unlike other Universities that has Lots of Funds to show what they have on their school, But look at their students and ask them what did they Learn from their Exclusive University. Nothing because when they do not have money to spend a lot for that University they could not be enrolled. But here in our University a little amount of money that they say its just their Load is that our Enrollment fee. So don't you ever think that we are just cheap because we are also Educated. Money doesn't matter if you really want to Learn. And Think of this what more if we had enough funds, We could be more better than you..

My ALMA MATTER is in this University and I can tell that this University has a great quality of education when it comes to I.T. although they are lack of facility and equipment's like computers, I know that the students who's studying there are all hard working person and also the PROFESSORS and the DEPARTMENT HEAD. Compare from the other university or I.T. school University of Caloocan trained there student to became independent in accomplishing there project, case study etc and that's why a lot of great programmer, web developer and graphic designer came from University of caloocan city.
-Alumnus of University of Caloocan City (Web developer)

I'm a graduate with honor of this university took up a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Yes, this is one of the best university in terms of IT. Even they're lack of facilities, equipments and what so ever, the professors and the Department Head give their efforts. Qualified IT Professors having their masteral's degree. Maybe some are not good enough but I believe that the one factor of producing a great and highly qualified programmers or developers is the student itself. The determination to improve, to learned and even acquire knowledge criticism coming from the panelists or observers are the best attitude a student must have.

And I'm PROUD to be a UCCIAN

That is true.. Our professors especially I. T professors are great professor of all. They always assure that the student will learn a lot. Although they are strict especially in doing and choosing our case studies but because of this, students learn a lot.

Dennis D. Mundo - 4th year I. T student

We have here a great I.T. professor and student as well. Very unique way of teaching, you must shed bloods and eye-bags just to graduate. This University is Monster (monster professor in the way they teach student) as it looks.

I'll be always proud of my alma mater University of Caloocan City...
More than academic lessons, we learned and trained to be professionals and be enthusiastic that we can stand out among the rest...

Education here is not by how the building looks or about the facility...
It's more in the HEART of the students and faculty.

Well, I am graduate of this University and I am a BS Information System graduate and now I am a Software Developer. Basically all of the knowledge that I learned is what I applying in it today in my job. What really give UCC's will and power to become one of the best, well I can say is the professor's that serves as our inspiration basically because they are also a graduate of the University. Not satisfied with what I been share, then why not try.

It is where quality education need not to be expensive. I am not an IT major but when it comes to computer literacy, I learned more than I expected. The administration and department head zeroes-in on the development of the students.

I was surprise that the University of Caloocan City became one of the pioneer schools in IT. I'm amaze that despite of different problems in facilities,equipments etc.,they still manage to become of the the top schools in the Philippines. And the fact that the University of Caloocan City offers now a FREE TUITION FEE compared to other schools that offer the same Course.


Although university of caloocan city is lack of facilities but I believe in terms of quality education, university of caloocan city must be in top list

Never under estimate IT alumni/alumnae from this University. I might say that UCC provides one of the best IT programs here in the Philippines despite of the poor facilities of the University, I just hope that in the near future our local Gov't will do something to improve the whole School facilities. From chairs to blackboards to good ventilation to better computer units, etc. But nevertheless, the quality of Education is as good as some leading Universities.

I want to say is go university of caloocan city be proud and be part of a globally competitive with other s and to be a part of that I would say is happy because this is unexpected but I sure that ucc will become a best I. T universities in the Philippines... :))

Maybe we are lacked of facilities BUT! We are GLUT of knowledge! We don't need to be popular in the physical world.. BUT! We will be popular in the cyber world..

That's my school ) and I learn many things on that place, perhaps it makes people cry sometimes, it make the student strong more )

Good quality of education. It's not about the school how can you become but it's your effort to learn achieving your dream.

University of Caloocan City truly deserves to be part of top 1o best IT school.

PRAY Hard it WORKS! =)

Vote for the best university!
go! Go! Go! We can come up to the top:))

proud to be uccians!

This school garners awards from competitions in IT categories. Also good in accountancy and education courses

The best and the challenging school in the Philippines. Its More Fun in UCC.

Wow.. I'm surprised because our very own university is on the top ten..

Quality education doesn't depend on how much you pay

Go for Gold prove to them that we can compete with other big universities!

This University is well known for excellency when it comes to education..

You can find the best programmers, developers, and graphic artists here.