University of the East


In UE, we are not just good in technical skills but we are also multi-lingual. We were taught to speak in English, French, Spanish, Mandarin and Nihonggo. Therefore, we are prepared for globalization and the new age of IT outsourcing.

Center for Development in IT education labeled as "One of the Most Wired Corporation in the Country", conducted by the Computer World Magazine and Enterprise Magazine. Featured in the 2006 Computerworld Premier 100 of Computer World Magazine, the university ranked 15 among the top 100 corporations and companies in the use of Information Technology and is the only educational institution to have entered the list. - jerhmiroku

I don't get it. Why do they create such list that measures the school/universities' performance through poll? I suggest that the developer should do a research on schools instead of letting the people to vote what is the best school for Information Technology. I just want to share this. In 2006, University of the East was quoted as the "Most Wired University"(Information Technology stuffs). And also UE is the only university who reached top 100 of financially stabled companies in the Philippines, but correct me if I'm wrong.

UE CCSS has state of the art facilities as supported by the POD-Center for Information Technology. The POD-CIT has seven levels (floors) where the computer laboratories are housed, as well as the multi-media rooms, modern libraries with hundreds of thousands book titles, cool lounging areas for students, almost personalized carrels, on-line public access catalogue-system, open shelves for browsing, electronic-journals for browsing and research purposes and many other features that will stimulate intellectual pursuits.

At UE's Computer courses, it is a requirement to acquire an original Company approved and registered in the Philippines to conduct their theses. These theses are not only for the welfare of the company but for the students as well for them to learn about the IT industry and how it works. The thesis will also train them on how to deal with their acquired companies.

The University of the East (UE) developed a first in the country: the UE Technobus, a mobile high-tech, Internet-equipped vehicle powered by wireless broadband connection. This bus will show the far provinces how IT in UE is.

University of the East is surely one of the best universities in the Philippines when it comes in Information Technology. from the good IT professors to the updated computers and state of the art laboratories to the 1:1 computer ratio. Every IT student will be shaped us one of the finest IT graduates of the future.

University of the East is the number one IT school.. Because you. E IT creates Professionals to be Globally Competitive and They IMPLEMENT I. T. BATTERY EXAM to have an assurance that a student they've created is a Professional with knowledge and power to take each step to succeed and to exceed to this competitive world

Students graduating from Computer Science and Information Technology courses should pass first the Battery Exam. It is the qualifying Exam for the students. Whether they have passed all the subjects and completed all the requirements and fees they must pass the exam. This drives the students to harness their programming skills that's why most students graduating from UE are very good with programming. And most companies in the Metro can attest to that.

UE-IT develop not just a typical tps but more than that.. The proposal of the software project requires expert system levels... If you pass a tps topic it will be rejected and also UE-IT develop games and simulators. In addition to that they were taught how to be a SQA and with high level of teaching in networking and web development.

In UE's Computer courses, it is a requirement to acquire a company, original, approved, and registered by the law for their theses. These theses lets the students' skills be honed by their acquired companies and use these honed skills to deal with what the students may encounter in the IT industry.

This school is the leader and will always be the leader of IT development and Computer Information related course. Great teachers, best facilities, upgraded computers, wi-fi accessible. with very reasonable tuition fee.

UE COLLEGE OF COMPUTER STUDIES AND SYSTEMS (CCSS) produces highly competitive graduates.

Excellent professors, excellent IT education, Excellent training in research and development and skills. Superb facilities and teaching techniques. Professors teach not just technical but also moral, and promotes self-discipline to students.

University of the east is a very excellent school in the Philippines because it has wide range of Information Technology and Computer Science expert professionals in the country. The facilities and laboratories are very new and up to date, the newest laboratory are equipped with iMacs.

I.T. education in University of the East was certified and accredited by the Commission on Higher Education. It's a fact and you cannot change it. We're popular in I.T. because only few schools were able to pass and accredited in I.T. Education by the Commission on Higher Education.

Research in UE is very tough and comprehensive. Software implementation in companies is constantly checked on by its faculty. Battery exams are well-implemented. A budding research and development unit, which has last year published an article into an international journal.

UE is one the best school in terms of programming it has a wide range of subjects including software quality and design, students are also given a final project in every major subjects they are enrolled to able to be equipped enough for their thesis and to passed the battery exam.

In UE All IT related subjects are elaborated here simply Means we Know Programming, Networking, Designing, Technical Skills etc. Unlike in Others Universities they focuses in One Field I'm not saying that is not good But its Better to Study All Of that.

It's the only school I know that have battery exams for passing. It's to assure quality of IT Professionals that UE is producing. For me, as a Computer Science student in UE, I might say that this UE may be one of the top IT schools in the country.

We are the most competitive University with an I. T use, and has a good most wired University in the Philippines, We are good in programming, and lots of aspects in terms of I. T, we can make all things happen because. WE CAN MAKE I. T HAPPENS.

University of the East is acknowledged by CHED as Center of Excellence in IT Education and also in CS Courses. University of the East has also a LEVEL II PACUCOA Accreditation in Computer Science due to its vast and innovative facilities.

Because UE cares I am thankful that God lead me here perfect school for IT students 1. Wonderful & superb professors, 2. State of the art facilities, 3. Amazing web portal, 4. Advance teaching and much much more!

IT students from IT makes sure to look for beneficiaries for their proposed systems. And we do have battery exam before we can defend our thesis, so definitely, we UE IT Students are qualified to be in this list

In UE we get the chance to learn different technical tools such as Java, html, php, vb. Net, sql etc. That gives student not only to be flexible but also the chance to discover what language they are most comfortable to use.