Best Italian Cities


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1 Rome

Because Piazza Navona is awesome! We had the most fun there every evening for 5 days! Besides, sitting on the Spanish Steps was how we met our friends every afternoon! And then, there was the old city of Ceasar and the old city of the cats called Argentine. And the Jewish Quarters were awesome, too.

There is nothing in the world like the Coliseum. I was on a tour bus from London down to Naples, seeing many sites, and passengers were from all over the world. We ALL voted the Coliseum the most fantastic site on the tour.

Surely best city in Italy and in the top 5 of the world.
In Italy:

2 Naples Naples

Naples is the best city I have ever visited

Napoli is the center of the world

3 Florence

Center of the Renaissance.

4 Milan

My birthplace. love ya Milan!

5 Venice

It's packed with stuff to see, like San Marco, campinile, ponte de Rialto and lots other like the canals and gondolas

6 Bologna
7 Turin

Almost more beautiful than rome

Turin is anche incredibile city! It has ti bè revalued

8 Pompeii
9 Parma

Parma in serie B

10 Pisa

The Contenders

11 Siena

I loved Siena and the thought of the Palio. Loved strolling to the glorious red-brick main square, Il Campo. Did you, as a kid, color with a crayon called "Burnt Sienna [sic]"? Well, that is the color. Once a military power in a class with Florence, Venice, and Genoa, and had a population even bigger than Paris. It was hit by the plague in the 14th century,
The fantastic color - red brick lanes, traffic free, to walk everywhere. Just 30 miles sough of Florence. Red-tiled rooftop. The way it's built - all closed in. Not much to do there, just enjoy, enjoy.

12 Ravenna
13 Varano

Varano is the BEST place where you can live! Everything is awesome! It's in the heart of Italy and it's standing still

14 Trieste
15 Mantua
16 Lucca
17 Arezzo
18 Benevento
19 Bari
20 Agrigento
21 Ferrara
22 Palermo
23 Cesena
24 Assisi
25 Pavia
26 Ancona

I love this city

27 Verona
28 Lecce
29 Monza
30 L'Aquila
31 Genova
32 Caserta
33 Syracuse
34 Ostia

Fantastic the beach and the pinewood! Great place

35 Matera
36 Catanzaro
37 Cagliari
38 Foggia
39 Spoleto
40 Como
41 Cremona
42 Asti
43 Massa
44 Livorno
45 Varese
46 Vicenza

Best city ever! - Untildawn8

47 Catania

Beautiful city - riccc

48 Riccione
49 Verbania
50 Luino
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