Best Italian Filmmakers


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1 Federico Fellini

8 1/2, La dolce vita; Fellini has made a number of masterpieces. His films were genius and heavily thought-provoking. - Virtuoso

He posseses the magic of cinema. any fellini film is an exercise in the essense of cinema and cinephilia.
The true realist is the visionary - gvats

2 Michaelangelo Antonioni

He has the most prominent influence in modern European American and Asian filmaking - gvats

3 Luchino Visconti
4 Sergio Leone

A true artist in every sense of the word. his movies stands out in every element fom storytelling to magnificent cinematography and from acting to the great morricone scores. all in the same his films are still enjoyable. and he's the proof that Italians can also make westerns - gvats

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5 Vittorio De Sica

Look in the world cinema history and try to find a most profound influence for social drama and comedy than de cia's magic neorealism. you can't. - gvats

What is he doing here? He directed Bicycle Thives which is in my opinion the greatest movie of all time

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6 Roberto Rossellini
7 Pier Paolo Pasoloni
8 Mario Bava

Both of them are stylist of the highest rank. they influence horror cinema more than anyone proving us that if you're gonna kill do it with style. bava is the pioneer and keeps a good quality in his films while argento the last years gives uo one crap after another. - gvats

9 Paolo Sorrentino
10 Dario Argento

The Contenders

11 Bernardo Bertolucci
12 Paolo and Vittorio Taviani

This bunch of movie poets may not rank with the above but they have a filmography of flawless films that stand out for their extraordinary cinematography mixed with emotional stories. - gvats

13 Michele Placido
14 Gabriele Salvatores
15 Paolo Virzì
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