Best Ivy League Schools

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1 Harvard

I have to absolutely, and without a doubt, agree with the comment regarding Cornell and Brown. As an Oxford grad, it is a very well known fact that both Harvard and Yale are the top two with Princeton a very close third of the Ivy League U.S. University's.

Harvard is generally considered the best college in the world, surpassing Oxford, Princeton, Tokyo University and Yale. There is no question it should be number one.

The fact that Cornell and Brown are ahead of Harvard, Yale, and Princeton is laughable.

This is the hardest school to get into, not just in the Ivy League, but in THE WHOLE COUNTRY!

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2 Columbia

The home of the core curriculum, where else can you study the classics while interning at the UN in one of the most dynamic cities in the world?

3 Penn

Penn is the best school for the real world. Penn is very pre-professional, yet students have fun. Outstanding place and city.

Where you use what you learn in the real world. No sitting in the ivory tower for these graduates!

The social ivy that knows how to work hard and still have a life.

This is the best school for the rea

4 Cornell
5 Yale
6 Princeton

I love Princeton

7 Brown
8 Dartmouth

Dartmouth is the best college for kits who have the best mind.

9 University of Michigan

It is not an Ivy league college. There are only 8. - WorldPuncher47592834

Despite being a public school, University of Michigan is far and away the best school IN the Ivy League.

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