Best J. Geils Band Songs


The Top Ten

1 Centerfold
2 Must of Got Lost

I love the introduction to this song. "This is Wooba Gooba with the green teeth. Let me in." Haha...

3 Freeze-Frame
4 I Do
5 Give It to Me
6 Come Back

This is another favorite of mine. It's a great song from a great album. This is a song I could listen to over and over again, and I have.J. Geils Band forever!

7 Flamethrower

Personally Flamethrower is one of my favorites, although I have other favorites too. It's got good tunes and is just a great song! And it's off of one of their best albums! I love the J. Geils Band! One of the best rock bands on this whole earth!

8 One Last Kiss
9 Love Stinks
10 Angels in Blue

Such a beautiful song. One of their greatest hits indeed. And one of my favorites.

The Contenders

11 Looking for a Love
12 Just Can't Wait
13 Piss On the Wall

A great song from a great album. And it's kinda funny in a way. But overall, it's just a great song. I don't know what else to say.

14 Do You Remember When

This is such a great song and it's off of one of their best albums. My mother really likes this song. I love the tunes and the lyrics. Everything about it is just so great.

15 Whammer Jammer
16 No Anchovies Please
17 Takin' You Down
18 Till the Walls Come Tumblin Down
19 Where Did Our Love Go
20 Back to Get Ya
21 Southside Shuffle
22 River Blindness
23 Teresa
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