Best 10 J-horror Films


The Top Ten

1 Ringu

Just dare to pick up the phone after you see this film. I couldn't. - gvats

2 Onibaba

The citizen kane of j horror by mizoguchi's student kaneto shindo director of kuroneko.
A tale of survival and terror in post war Japan that pusses horror and cinematic form to the edge - gvats

3 Audition

Takashi miike is the master of twisted pervertion. the true modern masterpiece about Japanesse morals that will change you forever after seeing it. check out also ichi the killer and gozu. - gvats

4 Kaidan

Kobayashi mix four different ghost stories in this classic masterpiece - gvats

5 Cure

Kiyoshi kurosawa the intellectual of horror film. check out also kairo - gvats

6 Love Exposure

Stylistic modern age Japanesse nightmare that mixes everything from manga to religious allegories and a genial allegory about modern Japan that'll hit you in the gut. by master sion sono. - gvats

7 Akira

The greatest anime film. enough said. - gvats

8 Suicide Club

Twisted tale of web paranoia. far better than kairo. sion sono director. - gvats

9 Ju-on
10 Ju-On 2

The Contenders

11 Kuroneko

A great ghost story about two women who return from hell to avenge everyone that has the bad luck to come across them. - gvats

12 Jigoku

Camp 60s style straight from hell. - gvats

13 Rinne
14 Sadako 3D
15 Kansen
16 One Missed Call
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