Best J.A. Konrath/Jack Kilborn Books

Looking to be scared? Check out Jack Kilborn/J.A. Konrath. He is the master of the horror/thriller genre.

The Top Ten

1 Endurance

An extremely disturbing, terrifying book that will have you scared to get out of bed at night.

Female triathlon competitors get sent to the Rushmore Inn when their hotel is overbooked. They soon find that there is no way out, and that the horror has only just begun.

The story is not very creative, but if you want a scary book, read this one - maggot-104

2 Origin

A totally unique novel about Satan. It's a thriller/horror combination that will keep you turning the page, and the wheels turning in your head.

3 Afraid

A government experiment gone wrong. The training of super-soldiers goes terribly wrong when they get dropped off in a tiny community.

4 Disturb

Imagine what you could accomplish if you didn't have to sleep. DruTech Industries has created a pill to answer that question. They have created N-Som. A pill that replaces 8 hours of sleep. What could possibly go wrong? This is more of a thriller than a horror story, but it's intense, and well thought out and written.

5 Trapped

A camping trip for troubled kids goes very wrong when the mysterious stories of the island they're on start seeming more and more likely.

A little far out, this book is still very, very disturbing.

6 Draculas - Blake Crouch, Jack Kilborn, Jeff Strand, and F. Paul Wilson

This collaboration is a whole new type of vampire story, thrilling and horrific. A vampire story with a zombie story feel.

A millionaire dying of cancer buys a humanoid skull found in Romania. A skull with elongated teeth. With nothing to lose, he punctures his neck with the skull, and the nightmare starts.

7 Serial - Blake Crouch and Jack Kilborn

Everyone knows not to pick up hitchhikers... Unless you're the bad guy.

It's a collaborative novella with the great Black Crouch. Their two minds work great together, developing this serial killer thriller.

8 Truck Stop - A Psycho Thriller

A novella that connects with some of the other books that he has written, Truck Stop is about three hunters path's colliding. Suspenseful, this is really just to whet your appetite for some of the other stories about the characters in this novella.

9 The List

Great Book! Hopefully someone turns this into a movie.

10 Horror Stories

A collection of horrific and disturbing tales.

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