Best Jack White Solos

In The White Stripes, the Raconteurs or the Dead Weather.

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1 Ball and Biscuit - White Stripes

Long and tasty, right in the zone of that nice Detroit blues genre that somewhat defines Jack White as a musician. - lilbullet111

What is this solo doing with under 40% of the votes? Seriously, that better change soon.

In my opinion, this solo highlights, more than any other, Jack White's mastery and musicianship.

2 Seven Nation Army - White Stripes

The way that it blends beautifully in with the riff is incredible. Also, a slide solo. - lilbullet111

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3 Death Letter (Blackpool Lights Version) - White Stripes

Honestly, Jack's solos are always best live and this particular concert was full of prime examples. But this one is simply unbelievable.

So insane... Jack plays with so much raw energy and fury I'm can't understand how his guitar didn't explode. Powerful.

In my opinion, his best work of slide at the start, just beating Catch Hell Blues. - lilbullet111

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4 Black Math - White Stripes

More into a hard rock, punk genre.
This solo brings the effect craze of Jack White out of his bag of tricks. - lilbullet111

5 Freedom at 21 - Jack White

It's jaw dropping

6 Lazaretto - Jack White

It's a new one but is by far the most dificult and inovating solo jack has ever played

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7 Salute Your Solution - Raconteurs

A great rock solo, again with hardcore effects that you have to love. - lilbullet111

8 Level - Raconteurs

Similar to Salute your Solution's solo, it brings out the effects side of Jack. - lilbullet111

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9 Catch Hell Blues - White Stripes

Incredibly badass. This one ties all of his sounds together and just goes insane.

Basically the entire song is a solo with Jack's amazing Slide work. - lilbullet111

10 Love Is Blindness - Jack White

This should be on top 10 it deserve man if you like to get chilled give it a try

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11 Will There be Enough Water? - Dead Weather

One of the few songs Jack plays guitar on for this band, the bluesy feel of this solo is clearly awesome. - lilbullet111

12 You Don't Know What Love Is - White Stripes

There are a bunch of White Stripes I really love, but this one always hits me. It's phenomenal.

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13 Little Cream Soda - White Stripes

I guess you may not call it a solo, but maybe just a lead riff persay. Either way, it is sweet! - lilbullet111

14 I'm Shakin' - Jack White
15 Icky Thump - The White Stripes
16 The Black Bat Licorice - Jack White
17 Floating - Raconteurs

Solo or lead riff, whatever you want to call it, it works for me. - lilbullet111

18 Sittin' On Top of the World - Jack White
19 Conquest - The White Stripes
20 I Think I Smell a Rat - The White Stripes V 1 Comment
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