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21 Mr. Nice Guy Mr. Nice Guy

Jackie Chan is battling evil in the streets of Melbourne Australia - roblist

This is the one of best movie of jacky chan.

22 Police Story Police Story

A story of Jackie Chan who must locate a missing warhead - roblist

23 Operation Condor Operation Condor
24 City Hunter City Hunter

I like city hunter because in this movie jc is so handsome, sweat guy I love city hunter [incredible]

25 Operation Condor 2: The Armour of God Operation Condor 2: The Armour of God

This movie has one of the funniest fights in history when they were underground with the planes so hilarious.

After Drunken Master. This is it Very Nice

26 The Myth The Myth

Most sad and touching movie in the list

Love story with rebirth
Excellent and heart touching movie I had ever seen

27 Young Master Young Master

Its just the best Jackie Chan movie ever

28 The Medallion The Medallion

The best movie which unleashes all the powers that you want to see in a perfect hero like Jackie Chan. Perfect movie.

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29 Shanghai Noon Shanghai Noon

One of my favorite Jackie Chan movies! Funny and Intense. The other favorite is Shanghai Knights. Can't believe these two were not the top rated ones. Just such a wonderful mix of story, fighting, and funny.

A western cowboy movie about an Easterner who is in the Wild West, 19th century - roblist

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30 Dragon Blade Dragon Blade V 1 Comment
31 Police Story 2 Police Story 2
32 Project A Project A

One of the best stunts ever..
The fall from the clock tower..
This movie should be higher in list

Best movie of Jackie chan but not in English

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33 Wheels on Meals Wheels on Meals


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34 New Fist of Fury New Fist of Fury
35 Little Big Soldier Little Big Soldier

One of the best stories to an action movie I have ever seen.

36 Kung Fu Panda 3 Kung Fu Panda 3
37 Gorgeous Gorgeous

I like masked men fighting with jackey, the final part when leaving after the fight

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38 The Founding of a Republic The Founding of a Republic
39 1911 1911
40 Twin Dragons Twin Dragons V 1 Comment
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