Best Jackie Chan Songs

He's mutilingual!! He's not only an actor and Martial artist, but also a gr8 Singer!!

The Top Ten

1 Endless Love


It isn't a diss track, if you really speak like that by miss- pronouncing "this" its ok, but at least spell it correctly...

Dis song from his movie The Myth, also featuring Kim Hee Seon, is his most best song!
Must listen to it - vikitagupta

2 Parent Song

Dis song from his movie Rob-b-hood, is a very sweet llulaby! - vikitagupta

I 'm tryna getting this song but d words r very hard.
I like the baby Mathew he is very very cute. I saw the set of Rob-B-Hood the way Jackie treats him. It 's like that I wanna have him in my hand, but he might be no grown. I like the pretty man 's voice.

3 September Storm

A really powerful song from his movie New Police Story! - vikitagupta

4 Kung Fu Fighting Man


From his movie The Young Master - vikitagupta

5 Drunken Boxing

From his movie Drunken Masters II - vikitagupta

I know the song but I don't know that I was sung by Jackie. But I loved that 2ooo…

6 Chinese Zodiac 12

It is a awesome song.
I really loved it.
But I 'm still searching 4 d lyrics but I 'm not able 2 get it. So please post the lyrics in English.

7 City Hunter

...JUST ... GREAT ... AND : underrated... like the movie itself...

8 You Cai Hua (Canola Flower)

A very beautiful song, in my opinion.

9 Hero Story
10 Flesh Light

Best Song about hoverboards and his hair is beautiful

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