Best Jack's Mannequin Songs


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1 Dark Blue

Wow! This is such a beautiful song! I remember listening to it the first time and how beautiful the piano intro sounded and how catchy "Dark Blue Dark Blue, have you ever been alone in a crowded room? " was!
This has been my all time favorite song for almost 2 years now! And I've played it on my ipod over 1,000 times! And I will keep on playing it until the day I die! - YoungHenry101

Love it even now, 5 years later and some.

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2 The Mixed Tape

A fan favorite, and with a good reason. This piano rock song is simply brilliant. The chorus is so catchy and exemplifies his passion that he once had for a fallen relationship! - YoungHenry101

One tree hill made this song!

3 The Resolution

This was all about his cancer... - cmeg2005

The lyrics to this song are so powerful when it comes to remaking yourself. I feel so empowered whenever I hear the line "I'm alive but I don't need a witness to know that I've survived, I'm not looking for forgiveness. " - YoungHenry101

4 Swim
5 Rescued UListen to Sample
6 You Can Breathe UListen to Sample
7 The Lights and Buzz UListen to Sample
8 There, There Katie UListen to Sample
9 Bloodshot

The song is so fast paced and powerful that it had to be on the list. I work out to this song since it is so full of energy.
"Come and look me at bloodshot eyes, the clouds are all on fire" - YoungHenry101

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10 Caves UListen to Sample

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11 Spinning

This song is similar to Crahin' and very great as well! It starts off with amazing calm vocals and then gets to the very catchy chorus where Andrew explains how he feels very confused.

"I lost my place but I can't stop this story, I'll find my place but until then I'm only Spinning" - YoungHenry101

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12 Crashin' UListen to Sample
13 Television UListen to Sample
14 MFEO, Pt. 1: Made for Each Other, Pt. 2: You Can Breathe UListen to Sample
15 Bruised UListen to Sample
16 Holiday From Real UListen to Sample
17 Release Me UListen to Sample
18 Kill the Messenger UListen to Sample
19 La La Lie UListen to Sample
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