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1 Jak 2: Renegade

Its awesome, the best story EVER, great gameplay, difficulty was tricky and bosses were fantastic

This whole game is just waves and waves of difficulty spikes. I loved it.

It's the best due to the strongest in storytelling and gameplay - idontknow

I like that there are missions to complete for a rebellion - TealBoyxx

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2 Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

Playing it right now, Currently 70% done with it, and it is one of my favorite games of all time. Pick it up if you have any extra cash lying around. - Alpha101

Its great but not as good as the sequel

The greatest Jak Game. Pure Nature! - Strobo

Gotta say The Precursor Legacy was better than Jak II for me. - The8Bit

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3 Jak 3

Personally I think Jak 3 is the best. Jak and Daxter was too short and Jak II was too punishing. Jak 3 manages to expand and improve on Jak II's gameplay and it lowered the difficulty, but not so much so it still provides a great challenge.

It was good but too short and not as fun as the first 2 were

My favourite ps2 game ever

It had everything

4 Jak X Combat Racing

It's my favorite racing game ever but isn't like the other jak and daxter games

5 Daxter

This game is great for the psp

6 Jak & Daxter Collection
7 Jak and Daxter
8 Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier
9 Jak II
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