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21 One of the Brightest Stars

This song is amazing! Can't stop listening to it

22 So Far Gone

How isn't such a wonderful song not even on the list... People who agree with me... Vote for this song if you are a true music lover and a fan of james blunt

This should be on number 4... How could it is not even on top ten...

Brilliant Song... Love it

Honestly, this is one of the best tunes I've ever heard in my life. Possesses some lines which end up dropping my jaw.

"I can't sleep beside a stranger now."
"And piece by piece we fall apart."
"So I'll just say what you won't say."

And the line which strikes deep within our hearts,
"Tell me the wars you’re fighting
Behind the smile you’re hiding
All the things I know you want to say"

Soulful, pain and full of love, this song deserves to be in the top ten but, well, we can't have everything.

I am happy with this being 'my' song. Legit gold.

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23 Satellites
24 I'll Take Everything

Truly a tremendous song worthy of a better position here

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25 Heart to Heart

29? Well we all know its hard to rank james blunt's song as they are all just awesome, but come on guys make this one higher

Great song, deserves higher rank, it has such a catchy rhythm

This doesn't deserve to be this low n if you haven't listened to it yet then please do. You'll feel the same

Such a great, catchy song, has an awesome beat

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26 Annie

This is one of my favourite songs by James Blunt, I think almost everyone can relate to having that one know it all snide bitch who turned out to be nothing in life.

It is good don't know if its his best hut I listened to it high and it made me. So happy

Should be number one! Best song by a country mile.

27 Postcards

Why in the hell is this song so low in the ranking?!

Good lyrics, great beats!

I simply cannot stand to see this song so down.
You guys have to listen to it.
Simply great guitar played, soothing melody.
Great song.
Vote for it.

Sooo awesome I can't stop listening to this

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28 Give Me Some Love

This is one of the catchiest songs by James Blunt. And you can really feel what he wants to say.

This song must be in the top of the list.
I just love it so much

Greatt... Love this song.really deserve to be in the top 10 list

I Really Love This Song.. So Touching.. Please, This must be on top 5 after you're beautiful, tears and rain, 1973, and Carry you home.. <3 #Coinoboro

29 No Tears

This is such a beautiful song and as such should be in the top ten (at least). It brings me to tears with every listen.

Should be higher on the list, such a beautiful song, gets me teary eyed

How ironic that I end up crying when I hear this. - Britgirl

30 Shine On

Very nice song... Deep and peaceful...
The bridge part is the best that's what make the song so different...
Like this very much

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31 When I Find Love Again

This song is just amazing!

SHould be in top 10

Its verry cool and special

Just listen it.. u ll know how I feel

32 Out of My Mind

This song is the deepest, I'm a great fan of james and this song must be in top 10 one of the best song no doubt... Just because it's not released in singles that's why is not much popular only pure james fans would have noticed this song.. So vote for this love you james :D

James is fantastic and amazing...the chorus in his songs are very catchy...and amazing voice...

33 Where Is My Mind?

Marvellous song, how can it be so down? Please vote for it NOW.

34 Je Realise
35 Always Hate Me

This song will always be my favorite, it's so emotional and this needs to be higher on the list!

This song definitely deserves to be in the top 10! It is so catchy

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36 These are the Words

Is the best song ever! I guess that won't be easy to do a song like it!...

Such a great song

37 Billy V 1 Comment
38 Miss America

One of the best song of james blunt from the new album Moon landing...

Whoever has listen to this song they certainly do agree 40 ain't no place for this..

This will certainly goes up once the people begins to listen to this...This has to be among st top 3 at least.

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39 Blue on Blue

Surprised there is no buzz on this song

40 Face the Sun

Very good

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