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41 Trail of Broken Hearts
42 Young Folks
43 The Only One

This song makes me cry, it's the best new albums song

I just found it and instantly topped my list.

I can't believe how this is not even in the toplist? The lyrics are just wonderful and it's got that nice piano rhythym. Heartbreaking song.

44 Freedom
45 Turn Me On

Love the bass strumming along, not your typical James Blunt song.

46 Sun On Sunday

Heart breaking song again from blunt. The scale is about the same as Goodbye my lover and you're beautiful


47 Kiss This Love Goodbye
48 Bones
49 Dear Katie

A simple yet beautiful little song.

50 No Bravery

So heartfelt - you can hear the pain and anguish in his voice. Absolutely love this song and it captivates me because of it's eerie melody and he certainly doesn't hold back describing the injustice of war and the effect it has on us.

My absolute favorite James Blunt song. The genre where he really shines for me. I really want you is similar if you like this one.

Such a raw, emotional song, listen to the lyrics- they will captivate you...

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51 I Can't Hear the Music

It's incredible that is in the last position. I think that this song is one of the best James Blunt's songs - donbale95

When it starts, leaves a different kind of impression on me... Soothing song its one of the songs of the album lost souls, it feels like all the songs ended so fastly... Bridge of the song is awesome

52 Heroes V 1 Comment
53 Hollywood
54 Sugar Coated
55 Fall at Your Feet
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