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1 Fire and Rain

Sweet dreams and flying machines IN PIECES ON THE GROUND. Haha! - istooduptoabully

Great lyricist, great musician, great voice - Billyv

2 Sweet Baby James

"There's a song that they sing when they take to the highway,
A song that they sing when they take to the sea
A song that they sing of their home in the sky
Maybe you can believe it if it helps you to sleep
But singing works just fine for me..."
What a Phenomenal album - his best - Billyv

3 Carolina in My Mind

This is the simplest most beautiful song he has sung in my opinion. My apologies to Sweet Baby James and Fire and Rain. Those are certainly deserving of #1 as well.

4 Something in the Way She Moves
5 Shower the People

Just a great song,

6 You've Got a Friend
7 Secret O'Life
8 Your Smiling Face
9 Handy Man
10 Mexico

This will always be my favorite. - Beatlesboy9

The Contenders

11 Country Road
12 Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
13 You Can Close Your Eyes
14 Walking Man
15 How Sweet It is (To Be Loved by You)

Super catchy song, and sweet sax solo!

16 Steamroller Blues
17 Caroline I See You
18 Copperline

If this came out in the 70s, it would have been one of his biggest hits.

Fantastic song. Terribly underrated.

19 Mockingbird
20 Suite for 20 G
21 Her Town Too
22 Everyday
23 Up On the Roof
24 Blossom
25 Song for You Far Away
26 Boatman
27 Never Die Young
28 Hard Times
29 Hangnail
30 Steamroller
31 Long Ago and Far Away
32 Honey Don't Leave L.A.
33 Machine Gun Kelly
34 Mud Slide Slim
35 Traffic Jam
36 Wichita Linemen
37 Captain Jim's Drunken Dream
38 Like Everyone She Knows
39 Wild Mountain Thyme
40 If I Keep My Heart Out of Sight
41 Highway Song
42 Only a Dream In Rio
43 Bittersweet
44 Golden Moments
45 Millworker
46 Anywhere Like Heaven
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1. Shower the People
2. Sweet Baby James
3. Fire and Rain
1. You've Got a Friend
2. Fire and Rain
3. Carolina in My Mind
1. Fire and Rain
2. Sweet Baby James
3. Something in the Way She Moves

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