"That Lonesome Song" Album Review

Alpha101 Let me start off by saying, I've never really been a big fan of country music. It seems like today, almost every single country song is about one of the following topics: beer, sex, tractors (never understood that one), and beer. Lots of it. Even the old country music feels dated to me, with exceptions such as Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, and even a few of their songs make me want to stop listening. My father is a huge fan of Jamey Johnson. He always has been. I remember driving with him, and every single time I got in the car, we would listen to Jamey Johnson. That was the only album he ever played. He had a pretty good collection, but he used this one CD for years, without ever getting tired of it. Well, I did. I started to resent his music, for I had to listen to it almost every single day, and the songs easily got old. Recently, I went back and, for whatever reason, began to listen to the album on my phone. I quickly changed my attitude towards it, and you're about to see why.

"High Cost of Living" does a great job of starting the album. It has that crisp, country sound to it, and the lyrics are relatable to many. The chorus is one of my favorites in music, as it feels shallow and empty, yet energetic at the same time. The lyrics are great, Johnson's voice is great, and there's simply nothing to hate about this song.

"Angel" is a beautifully written song, and one of the most emotional on the album. It really changed my view on country music in general, and, will admit, it surprised me.

"Place Out On The Ocean" is a warm-hearted track that always gets me riled up inside. It's no masterpiece, but it is a great song, and another highlight on the album.

"Mowin' Down the Roses" is an average track. It is fun to listen to, but it was one of the low points on the album.

"The Door is Always Open" was another low point on the album. It is by no means a bad song, but I have no desire to ever listen to it again.

"Mary Go 'Round" is another song that surprised me. It's sad but beautiful, and the lyrics are very meaningful.

"In Color" has always been my favorite song off of the album, and by Jamey Johnson. It's lyrics are some of the best-written in the history of music. I can really put myself into the stories that are told through the song, and he tells it in such a vivid fashion!

"The Last Cowboy" is another song that, surprisingly, made me want to cry. His voice is simply perfect for this song, and the lyrics are fantastic.

"That Lonesome Song" is another pretty good track. Lyrically, it's nothing amazing, but it's very catchy and likable.

"Dreaming My Dreams With You" is another gut-wrenching song that will make tears stream down your face. It's soft and melancholy, and hauntingly beautiful. It's one of the best on the album.

"Women" is a funny and great song, but, compared to other songs on the album, it is lacking in a way.

"Stars in Alabama" is another song that, yet again, blew me away. It's not a perfect song, but it is beautiful, so much that I get a chill down my spine upon every single listen.

"Between Jennings and Jones" did a good job of ending the album on a happy note, after my heart was ripped into pieces by the last three or four songs. It's one of the better songs on the album, and it left a good taste in my mouth after the album ended.

Yes, this is a great album, and one of the best country albums ever released. Johnson has a deep but beautiful voice, tells some great stories through his music, and never fails to impress me. Some songs are catchy, some are comical, and some are tragic. If you aren't into this genre of music, still, give this album a try. You won't regret it, trust me.

9.2/10 - Great Album