Best Jamiroquai Songs


The Top Ten

1 Virtual Insanity

By far Jamiroquai's best.

A real cool song!

2 Canned Heat

Can't stop dancing to this..


3 Deeper Underground
4 Too Young to Die

Only recently have I started listening to them, this is my favourite song. The sound is perfect. Eternally grateful that there's also a 10-minute version of this song.

5 Cosmic Girl
6 Little L

I saw I was out. Trying to figure out the fact that this song isn't at least top 3.

7 Space Cowboy

Just listen to the album version! A calm, groovy and positive song : a piece of art!

Come on people!
It;s the most influental song by Jamiro

8 Blow Your Mind
9 Alright
10 Feels Just Like It Should

The Contenders

11 When You Gonna Learn?
12 Emergency On Planet Earth
13 Automaton

Space-jazz is back

Automaton is one of my favorites! Love the beat. Love the music. Love the video...truly an amazing should be on number 1...

14 Seven Days in Sunny June
15 Love Foolosophy

For me its defiantly Love Foolosophy.

16 (Don't) Give Hate a Chance


17 Runaway

Have you heard the bass line in this?

Runaway is in the 16th?

18 Corner of the Earth
19 White Knuckle Ride

The drummer and bass player is straight "funky" in the cut. Love it!

20 Cloud 9
21 You Give Me Something
22 Supersonic
23 Lifeline
24 Radio
25 High Times
26 Hot Tequila Brown

You forgot this song.

27 Picture of my Life
28 Falling
29 Planet Home
30 Starchild
31 King for a Day
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Top Remixes

1. Deeper Underground
2. Canned Heat
3. Little L
1. Too Young to Die
2. Space Cowboy
3. Blow Your Mind


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