Best Jamiroquai Songs

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1 Virtual Insanity Virtual Insanity Cover Art

Most iconic video from the 90s and with a message that explains what we're living now

By far Jamiroquai's best.

A real cool song!

2 Canned Heat Canned Heat Cover Art

Can't stop dancing to this..


Remember showing this video to my friend, he loved it, favorite song to listen to while washing the dishes

3 Too Young to Die Too Young to Die Cover Art

Only recently have I started listening to them, this is my favourite song. The sound is perfect. Eternally grateful that there's also a 10-minute version of this song.

The chorus, the message, the video, it just hits the body, mind and your soul

4 Deeper Underground Deeper Underground Cover Art
5 Little L Little L Cover Art

I see this song and cosmic girl as brothers and sisters, because both of them have such great vibes, remember playing this song on Xmas, all of my family member vibed to it

I saw I was out. Trying to figure out the fact that this song isn't at least top 3.

I like it better than automaton. Favorite one

6 Space Cowboy Space Cowboy Cover Art

Just listen to the album version! A calm, groovy and positive song : a piece of art!

Come on people!
It;s the most influental song by Jamiro

First I heard the remix of it, then I searched for the official, fell instantly in love with it, amazing song to relax to it

7 Cosmic Girl Cosmic Girl Cover Art

If this song doesn't make you want to have a cosmic girl, I don't know which one will

8 Blow Your Mind Blow Your Mind Cover Art
9 Alright Alright Cover Art

That one song that has that good feeling in it ❤, everyone I've shown it, loves it deeply

10 Feels Just Like It Should Feels Just Like It Should Cover Art

Feels like listening to an innuendo of intercourse like walking on a dream from Empire of the Sun

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11 When You Gonna Learn? When You Gonna Learn? Cover Art
12 Emergency On Planet Earth Emergency On Planet Earth Cover Art

Such a beautiful message, that's all I have to say

13 Automaton Automaton Cover Art

Automaton is one of my favorites! Love the beat. Love the music. Love the video...truly an amazing should be on number 1...

Space-jazz is back

Amazing song!

What a great comeback song, sounds way ahead of it's Time, even if it's normal to listen and make videos like that

14 Seven Days in Sunny June Seven Days in Sunny June Cover Art
15 Love Foolosophy Love Foolosophy Cover Art

For me its defiantly Love Foolosophy.

16 Runaway Runaway Cover Art

Have you heard the bass line in this?

Runaway is in the 16th?

17 (Don't) Give Hate a Chance

Can 't you are it's killing me. Song so low, not happy.


18 Corner of the Earth Corner of the Earth Cover Art
19 Cloud 9 Cloud 9 Cover Art
20 White Knuckle Ride

The drummer and bass player is straight "funky" in the cut. Love it!

21 You Give Me Something You Give Me Something Cover Art
22 Supersonic Supersonic Cover Art
23 Lifeline
24 Falling Falling Cover Art
25 King for a Day King for a Day Cover Art
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