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1 Control
2 Escapade

My mom used to play this song all the time, and I absolutely love it!

3 That's the Way Love Goes
4 Rhythm Nation

Has a good message in it, great song and excellent choreography - RaeMarie

5 Love Will Never Do (Without You)

One of the purest examples of perfectly crafted PURE POP songs of all time! Originally intended to be a male / female duet, this works so wonderful due to Janet's delivery of the lyrics and showing strong vocals both high and low range. The arrangement and layered vocals add to the infectious chorus. Great example of a brilliant song.

6 Together Again
7 Nasty
8 Black Cat

If not her best song, it's definitely her most badass! - theOpinionatedOne

9 If

Hands down, my favorite Janet song ever. The choreography is timeless and I just love everything about it.

10 Miss You Much

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? Doesn't Really Matter

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11 Feedback

While most all of Janet's songs stand on their own, were huge hits and have stood the test of time in relevance, Feedback if it were to have been recorded and released during her prime years prior to the Super Bowl fiasco, would have become one of her top 5 hits of all time. That the song cracked the top 20 when radio had all but abandoned playing her, showed how strong the song actually was.

12 Again
13 The Pleasure Principle
14 Velvet Rope
15 Come Back to Me
16 Scream
17 What Have You Done for Me Lately
18 This Time
19 Runaway
20 All for You
21 I Get So Lonely
22 Go Deep
23 When I Think of You
24 Any Time, Any Place
25 Let's Wait Awhile

She sounds like Michael's sister in this one - tchuhn

26 Empty
27 New Agenda
28 Throb
29 Someone To Call My Lover
30 Where are You Now
31 Rollercoaster
32 Alright
33 R&B Junkie
34 Free Xone
35 Son of a Gun
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1. Black Cat
2. Feedback
3. Escapade
1. This Time
2. Velvet Rope
3. If
1. Escapade
2. Together Again
3. Love Will Never Do (Without You)

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