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1 Matsumoto Jun

In addition, he is a cool member of the best boy band in Japan. He is also an awesome actor as well.

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2 Kenichi Matsuyama

Who could forget his performance as L?

Ken'ichi Matsuyama, best actor ever!

Kenichi-san.. Who will think that the one who played as "L" in death note and "Negishi" in Detroit Metal City is the same actor? He is very clever actor! Psycological, action, comedy, and romance, he can play all of that genre :3

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3 Ikuta Toma

Amazing actor. Almost all of them are good. Hard to decide. I would vote for all of them, because they are talented. I love Hana Kimi and there is no one I don't like all amazing.

Hana Kimi and Hanamizuki were my favourite works of his, especially Hanamizuki! The film was so sad and romantic

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4 Matsuda Shota
5 Yuu Shirota
6 Ken Watanabe

I loved his acting skills in The Last Samurai.

7 Ryo Nishikido

Awesome dude who can really act

I love Ryo chan

Sexy and hadsome

Great actor!

8 Oguri Shun

He was great when he played in Crows Zero! So cool! When he played in Hana Yori Dango, he's totally get perfect role as Hanazawa Rui!

9 Satoh Takeru

Very talented, he started when he was 17-18 in a challenging role like Kamen Rider, to end up in 2012 with the best Rurouni Kenshin that there will ever be

He is simply, amazing! You have to watch him in the Rurouni Kenshin Live action Movie

Takeru is the best!

Don't forget BECK! he's so young when he did it..

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10 Ninomiya Kazunari

Nino I love him so much he is a good actor

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11 Miura Haruma V 1 Comment
12 Toshiro Mifune

To top it all off, he was the sexiest actor in all of Japan. Frequently described as "ruggedly handsome", he was a superb athlete who performed all of his own stunts. - SourNote2014

I just lost faith in humanity toshiro mifune is considered the best Japanese actor of all time. I can't believe that you call bunch of good looking boys actors? I thought this is a list of a BEST ACTOR not sexiest actor. Watch rashomon, seven samurai, I live in fear, yojimbo, high and low, sanjuro, red beard.

No contemporary equals him

Best Japanese actor ever!

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13 Nakai Kiichi
14 Ryosuke Miura

Who could forget the best Ankh that will ever be?

15 Kamenashi Kazuya
16 Yamashita Tomohisa

One of the best actors I have seen. He is able to put a lot of emotions into his acting. He won the award "Best Newcomer" at age 15. In all the shows I've seen him in, he always seems to steal the scene. He has great talent.

Very hardworking. He can play a very convincing role in all his drama series. I enjoy his transformation to different characters in kurosagi

17 Sho Kosugi

I love Sho Kosugi. He's one f my favorite actors. He's a great actor and a kickass ninja! He's a badass!

18 Tadanobu Asano

He is the best actor in the world!

19 Yuki Furukawa

Yuki furukawa is the best actor for me he so cool, talented, and handsome I found artist in Japan..

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20 Hiroshi Tamaki
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1. Satoh Takeru
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1. Matsumoto Jun
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