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21 Yamashita Tomohisa

One of the best actors I have seen. He is able to put a lot of emotions into his acting. He won the award "Best Newcomer" at age 15. In all the shows I've seen him in, he always seems to steal the scene. He has great talent.

Very hardworking. He can play a very convincing role in all his drama series. I enjoy his transformation to different characters in kurosagi

22 Sho Kosugi

I love Sho Kosugi. He's one f my favorite actors. He's a great actor and a kickass ninja! He's a badass!

23 Nakai Kiichi
24 Tadanobu Asano

He is the best actor in the world!

25 Yuki Furukawa

Yuki furukawa is the best actor for me he so cool, talented, and handsome I found artist in Japan..

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26 Ryosuke Miura

Who could forget the best Ankh that will ever be?

27 Takahiro Sakurai
28 Kôji Mitsui

With his lean, sardonic yet appealing face and distinctive, nasal voice, Mitsui had a strange charm to him. - SourNote2014

29 Abe Hiroshi

Abe Hiroshi can make me laugh and yet feel serious at the same time. He is immensely tall-- which the directors like to play with in his shows-- and manages to smile in that sort of attractive yet distant manner that makes his roles feel lifelike.

30 Takashi Sorimachi

He's the best in Great Teacher Onizuka as Onizuka. He's the Japanese actor who made my feelings rush in every way; smile, laugh, cry and most importantly, have fun. That's why I think he deserves a place in this list!

31 Hiroshi Tamaki
32 Chiaki Kuriyama

I love her as Gogo Yubari in Kill Bill. She was born for that part. She can play a hero or a villain. I can't think of anyone better to play the sadistic, blood-thirsty Gogo Yubari.

33 Hiroyuki Sanada
34 Nakayama Yuma
35 Takumi Saito
36 Yuya Matsushita
37 Erika Sawajiri Erika Sawajiri
38 Hiro Mizushima
39 Masaharu Fukuyama
40 Kento Yamazachi
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