This list makes little sense and this guy's a total noob.

First of all, D'erlanger should be at the top, not Diru or L'Arc. They're very good bands, and their bassists are also very good, but D'erlanger's bassist is better. Also, to the other noob that blogged about this, BASSISTS, NOT BANDS.

Second, BASSISTS!! Pata from X Japan is not the bassist and never was, only Heath and Taji are/were. Pata is, and always was, the rhythm guitarist. If anybody says that they're the same thing, then they truly are noobs.

So next time, make a list that makes sense and that you can actually prove, not a list that is based on pure stupidity.


IMHO you've got the right asnewr! - visitor

Oh god another crazed D'erlanger fan. Ue-Chan owns all the bassists on this list anyway... - Buddha

I would like to see Seela go up against Ue-Chan... I swear Ue-Chan is Flea's second life! - visitor

Yeah, Pata made me laugh too. - saaarsdej