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21 HITOKI - Kuroyume
22 OKP-Star - Aqua Timez
23 Tomoaki Pata Ishizuka - X JAPAN

Heath is one of the greatest bassist in X-JAPAN,even though he is TAIJI replacement but his skill is still can't be forgotten y'know

24 Tsunehito - D

Tsunehito is a not only a versatile bassist but he's also a wonderful Jewelry designer and human being. He's as talented as he is sweet and you can tell just by looking that he loves what he does. True facts. Just saying'.

I saw Tsunehito live both times D played in America. He is so incredible live that really shows how superior he is compared to a lot of other bassists. He has fantastical style and personality and he is just an all around incredible force to be around.

He is truly an amazing bassist! He masters different playing techniques and I really enjoy listening to him playing! I like watching too, then you can see it as well as hear it...

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25 Lay - Fatima / obscure

In the beginnings of the band he had to lead the rhythm section for less experienced drummer and also the melody section for less talented guitarist. He was good enough to manage. I like his style of playing: hard and agressive, but also surprisingly soft sometimes. I wish he could get more recognition, as in my opinion he's truly one of the best bassists in his generation. - saaarsdej

26 Hazuki - Lynch.

Hottest and coolest Bass player ever!

27 Yoshihito Onda - Judy and Mary
28 Heath - X Japan

Oh, come on. How can he be on number 27? He can play bass with two best Japanese guitarists, Hide and Pata. He should be on top 10 cause he is on the best Japanese band. Get things right, man! I vote you forever, Heath.


His! His the best bass of the word
His the best bass of the world, don't forget voted for Heath We are X, the Kings forever

Poor Hiroshi (Heath)... He should be around number 8 or something I'm sure he'd really like it if he was top 10.. Sorry Heath... I'll vote 4 you... ^. ^

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29 Aggy - DELUHI
30 Ju-Ken

Not only does he play well, but he always looks like he is enjoying himself.

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31 Wayama Yoshihito - GLAY
32 Yuura - Kra

The su~per energetic bassist that DOESN'T use a pick? Never misses a beat, and does those amazingly complicated bass lines...? Obviously one of the best bassists in Japan.

Yhura's solos are the best, he is so skilled and he plays the bass in a way that really gets you in, I really, really love him and I'd think he should be in the top 10 bassist. Let's go Yhura! You are my number 1 bassist in all times!

Playing bass without a pick, complicated bass lines, jumping around with so much energy, and not missing a beat? I think we have a winner�'�

33 Ikuo

Very fast finger in japan...just my mind

If he's not top three just delete the article

34 IV - ViViD

ViViD is a band which consist of members with great talents. IV even as the second youngest member, is very good with the bass. He can do great bass solos which are only capable by pros. He is truly a great bassist and should be placed in the top ten.

35 Taka Hirose - Feeder
36 Reika - D=OUT
37 Nao - Kagrra

Naoki is the funniest and most talented bassist that I know.
He is very kind, but can be serious sometimes.
His Solo's, for example in Himitsu, are beautiful.
If you hear Kagrra, 's Songs, his Solos will be in your ear, believe me.

38 Koga - Gacharic Spin/Doll $ Boxx

I though slap bass just for showing off and have become old. And here she play like it's mainly how she play and doesn't looks like an old style.

F chopper Koga is an amazing bassist. She is definitely the Queen of slap bass.

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39 Masayoshi Yamashita - LOUDNESS
40 Yo - Matenrou Opera
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