Saga - Alice Nine


Saga is an awesome bassist. He plays the bass really great and he creates great songs and he just makes music regardless of what genre will it be. His bass plays are amazing and he truly understands the importance and the role of being a bassist on a band. His compositions are worth listening too. His bass plays, personally, improves from time to time. I love him. He's an inspiration, an awesome musician, and I respect him a lot. I love him dearly.

He's a very talented bassist, he's good at solos too, and his fingers are so fast that sometimes I can't keep up with their pace! I want to learn how to play Alice Nine's songs and become as good as him with my bass!

Saga is an amazing bass player. Although in interviews and with alice9 channel he may appear laid-back and as he said himself, 'hentai' (I say that word with affection ^^) he is dead serious with his music. The one thing that gives him happiness and is very important to him are Alice Nine lives. If you go and check the composers of the band's songs through the years, you'll see his name prominently. His bass is so clear and defined, and he's technically skilled. As are the rest of the runners in here. But what makes Saga stand out in my opinion are his presence on stage and in videos, his crazy personality, his beautiful music compositions, and his bass always calls out to the listener. It really sets the tone. Stay the way you are Saga. You're the best.

For me, Saga is really a talented musician.. He's the composer for almost Alice Nine songs! And although he plays bass in Alice Nine, he also knows how to play guitar and drums as well too.. He has a really good skill, and I love every sounds that he makes. I also love his movement when he play his bass. He's hot!

Saga is one of the most talented people I've ever seen! He makes wonderful music. Just listen to fuurin, senkou or jelly fish - those songs are mind-blowing!

Saga isn't only a talented bassist, he can also play drum & very good at composing songs too XDD

Saga's bass solos and overall bass playing is nothing like I've ever seen before. Live, his sound is stunning and clear within each song, something I find many other bassists lack. Not only does he play the bass, but the guitar, drums and singing back up and lead in some of Alice Nine's songs like Q and Hello, World.

Saga enjoys music. You see it in his lives you hear it in his songs. His bass stands out by blending in seamlessly. He should be way up the top. He breathes melodies and his bass translates it. I've always been a guitar person, the only other bassists who ever caught my ear are Cliff (R.I. P) and Jason of Metallica. But Saga's bass is attractive. It demands attention and I've been hooked eversince. Keep making music Saga! We're here to listen.

Saga is not only an amazing bassist, but he also plays piano, guitar, drums, sings beautifully and is a first rate composer. He's more than just a pretty-faced bassist and he deserves credit for a lot of Alice Nine's most popular songs. He definitely is amongst the very best for me.

Saga has a unique way of playing the bass. And he plays it with passion, you can see that during their lives. He gives his all into it, treating the bass like it's a living thing. He's also a god composer! A really talented person.

Saga isn't only a talented bassist, but also an amazing musician and composer. For many of their songs his bass sets the mood and the tempo. Even when he isn't composing, his skills are put to good use and to improvement.

Saga is an amazing bass player. Saga is a fantastic composer. He writes music with such passion and precision and it shows in not just every single note of a song he composes but in every single note he plays on the bass.

Saga is not only a talented bassist but he is also an immensely talented musician. He can sing well on top of being able to play guitar and bass. I think his talent is outnumbered and he is not often recognized enough.

He's not only an excellent bassist, he could also sing, play guitar, and also play the piano. He also has a very funny and unique personality that makes him really stand out!

Saga could be an all around musician! He can play bass, guitar, drummer, sing and can even compose beautiful songs! He's also really hot even though he can be a bit pervert

He can do guitar, piano, even he can singing! He really a talented bassist. His voice is so lovely.. He can make me falling in love in the first sight

He is so talented! An amazing bassist! He is a composer too.. The song made by him are so great! Beside it he is so cool

He is beyond talented. He's not just a bassist, but he composes, plays piano and guitar, and he also sings. And his sense of humor is, in my opinion, his best quality!

Saga's talented is not only play bass, he can composing song.. And he's a funny people

Incredibly talented and very devoted to his band and making music. I've seen Alice Nine live three times and Saga always steals the show with his playing!

Simply, he is a multifaceted musician. He sings, plays the piano, make compositions and have an excellent taste and sense of music. He is wonderful.

Saga is an incredible bassist with awesome bass solos and incredible song writing skills! He can sing, play piano, guitar, and drums! Awesome!

He writes most of the songs for Alice Nine, can sing, drum, and play guitar. Not to mention how his raw talent shows during live bass solos.

Saga is a great bassist. Day by day shows how incredible it is, but not only a great musician, but it is also a great person, and this is demonstrated in his nature not only with peers but it also with the fans.
Aside from his incredible personality makes you feel reflected in it.

I think that Saga is one of the most talented Japanese bassist I've ever heard, plus he's very good at composing songs!