Tomomi Ogawa - SCANDAL


As a fellow musician, I can see the technicality of the skill! Normally, when I see people playing bass, even pros, they are having hard/long time to develop such technical skills on playing bass guitar. There are a lots of things that I see that makes her special. Her play style, is flowing like water. I haven't seen this on a rock band member, mostly this skill comes from a jazz bass guitar player :). Anyways, I'm giving my vote to her. Keep up the good work Tomomi, play hard and rock hard!

Most bass players stays at the back of the stage.. :P BUT NOT THIS GIRL! ROCK ON! :D

You know what makes this girl great as a bass-player? She can sing well while playing something totally different. That is a HUGE skill people don't perhaps realise, unless they try it themselves. Colourful player yet never overplays to show off (a thing most guys can't resist haha). Good feel, good tone and timing, she moves great around the stage with an amazing upbeat vibe. What more can you ask for? There is only Koga and her up to this standard in bands (different for session players like girls in Buono band who are highly trained), and Koga though an amazing player doesn't sing. So, Tomomi gets my vote for sure... Oh and she is adorable beyond belief, which doesn't hurt her cause either laugh out loud - PaulFromAustralia

Despite her cute looks and small frame, Tomomi is practically awesome with her bass skills! She's not to be underestimated! In lives, she's always graceful and it's amazing how she moves around, dancing with her bass guitar, which is heavier than the average electric guitar. Her energy level's so high, it makes you wonder what her blood's made of. Personality wise, she is always cheerful and bright, lightening up your day.

I have had the privilege to be an escort of her's(like a bodyguard) while she was in her Malaysia tour and she is no doubt the most genuinely energetic person I have seen. Running around the resort getting excited over everything, she is just too cute to be true haha. Also while she is on stage her charm is definitely felt through her voice and the way she runs the stage.

She has become a very adept player in a short time. She writes well and also shares a large amount of the vocals while playing. Tomomi appears to be a genuinely kind, happy, giant ball of sunshine that makes everything better with her presence. The one time I was able to see her play live, she tripped and fell forward. Everyone in the crowd seemed shocked and worried because she fell forward hard, but she quickly got up still playing and laughing. She is truly a precious sparkling gem.

Her cuteness is not a factor here. She was already good when I first heard Scandal in 2008. Now she is fantastic. Both her drive and her melodic lines, her steadiness in slow grooves, and let's not forget she's a singer too. And beautiful bass sound, very warm,

Bass prodigy. The cutest bassist in the world plus world class talent. She doesn't commit mistakes in live which is really scary (in a good way). Her solo on Scandal - Hi Hi Hi will make you a believer.

She is so cute. At first, I got attracted to her because of her chimpunky voice, her goofiness and her beauty and she also plays the bass superbly. Whoever is reading this comment should discover this awesome band. I recommend the song 'Hi Hi Hi' of the band and hear the bass solo. You will be freaked out.

Actually I am also a bassist and I find singing and playing bass at same time a bit uneasy but tomomi she can sing and play and even dance and all this make her so awesome that I think she should be first and she inspire me to play too. And she is cute too.

Although there are more than a few notable women among Japanese bassist, Tomomi has won my heart and soul not only with her playing and singing skills, but also with her shining personality. Seeing her live on stage was one of the unforgettable experiences of my life.

I think she's a very good bassist.. She can sing very well while playing it and still not missing a beat.. I think it's really hard to do that.. I even find it hard to sing while playing a very simple strumming of guitar (or maybe I'm just dumb.. Laugh out loud..)

Down to earth compared to the other bassists! At the same time she plays very excellent and those fast fingers! Man! Haha! Also, her character and personality makes her a complete package! No guy can resist her looks and no one can deny her talent!

She is really enjoying what she is doing, and she loves music. The way she show herself in the stage the more she gives her best and fans appreciate it & her passion is in her heart. She is so energetic. People's loves like that.

Tomomi as a female bassist. Excellent bass playing. Synchronized with singing ability with bass skills. Cute and aggressive bassist. Tomomi is the one of the best bassist in her generation, agree? Well you should.

Tomomi's inspiration is Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers which is also the reason why her bass playing is almost similar (though a big difference) like him. She's not the best yet but she will be.

Timo. One of the best bass player in the world. Watch her live performance and you will see her skill. Also if you listen to SCANDAL, you can hear an energetic and amazing bass sound.

She is the sun itself when playing on stage.

And has one of the most interesting voices in the band, together with Mami Sasazaki.

She's always lively when performing! She has good skills and has mastered complicated techniques too! I will be sure everyone knows her loves her.

Tomomi is one of the best Bassists in the world. Let's not mention that every time you see her, you get full of energy, and she is always smiling. SHE DESERVES TO BE number 1

Tomomi Ogawa is the best female bassist that I know! She deserves to be one of the top ten because she's doing her best on every performance, same goes to her band mates.

Tomomi is the cutest, funniest bassist I know. But during live, she is just as serious to bring out the best for everyone, just like every Scandal Member! LOVES!

I love her. The way she play her bass, the groove also

She play so great, her bass lines makes my heart to dance

One of Japan's best! She's so underrated and people should look for some videos of her bass performance!

Her obvious mastery of the bass is a joy to watch. Effortless and skillful while jumping around on stage with a smile on her face and a song in her heart.

Tomomi is not only funny and a great bassist, but she seems to have also improved her singing to make up for Haruna (their main singer) losing her voice