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21 1UZ-FE

Not sure how this isn't higher on the list. Very good engine, designed for race applications.

Underrated V8 engine produced by Toyota

93 lexus sc400 (tireslayer)

22 4G15 12V
23 VQ35

*natural aspirated
*Mountains of torque and power

24 Ka24de

Valvetrain upgrade and eBay 1500 spent... reliable 280/317hp to the weels!

25 4G94
26 4B11
27 S20

For back then a brilliant engine. Great noise and even 24 valves!

28 R18

"Reliable, fuel efficient and powerful"

30 2AZ-FE
31 Ca18DET
32 K24A3
33 L28 Twin Turbo
34 20B REW

The only triple rotor was ever produced from 90 to 96 and discontinued on Cosmo production line.

35 6g75 Mivec
36 SR20VE

Naturally Aspirated Engine with Lots of Bolt On Upgrade from Internal/external Performance.

Excellent engine with loads of power output and aggresive torque response when fitted with a manual box on a 200sti or any other lighter vehicle.

Best NA engine with neo vvl. Stock 187hp competitor with honda

37 E-33/34

Both great, specially with a 3.70 or 4.44 delivering pizza or playing sleeper at the line, shows and proves; mine is set at 262bhp. Subie SVX.

38 B18B1
39 4E-FE

Unbreakable engine. Reliable, low fuel consumption

40 A14

Just can't die... Runs very smooth.

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