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1 hide (X Japan)

More than 50.000 people pour into the street crying hysterically to see the hearse carrying Hide's body passing, million others around the world mourn his death, even now 13 years after the incident, millions of people that knows Hide, still miss him very much. No need other explanation. He is the best. As a musician, and as a person. He is Hide.

Hide is, WITHOUT A DOUBT, the BEST of THE BEST. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot more guitarists out there who has good skills, but hide surpass them all! To top that off, he is a kind hearted person, who has the sweetest smile, and a caring heart. You may not know, but us X Japan fans KNOW what he had gone through, and what he had done. We support him, even when he's not around anymore. I respect the other guitarists, but I love hide MOST. Plus, he is the one who inspires, even the one below him (yes, Aoi).


Hide all the way.
X Japan has the best guitars there are.
-pink spider-
He nails solos in all of the X songs, even the softer ones.

Yeah I agree

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2 Aoi (Gazette) Aoi (Gazette)

He works well with Uruha, but in addition to playing difficult rifts and solos, he manages to maintain flowing acoustics and play unforgiving acoustics roles in his lives. He's overshadowed by Uruha's in-your-face leads, but is by no means any less of a talented guitarist.

he's really cool and talented

Even if he is not the main guitar I think his job is not easy, because all of the GazettE song were difficult melody, because of that, he is the gratest!


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3 Pata (X Japan)

X Japan has both of Japanese Best Guitarists. Pata should be in the list - kurenai_tenshi

Pata rocks on quietly. I love how he can play with anyone, but doesn't have the ego that ruins so many people's lives. Enjoy your fame and life.

Pata is a rock. Played with HIDE note for note. Too cool to complain, just keeps rocking, even now.

Pata is the best

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4 Hizaki (Hizaki Grace Project)

Hizaki is the best guitarist and talented of Japan actually together Teru, Versailles band is a Young Band relatively and their progress is AMAZING, Her (His I know xD) techniques and performances are perfectly. Ah, Hizaki falls on stage in london when he begin with the solo of Revenant Choir, and he go ahead with the solo on the floor! And I'll tell the reason because Hizaki is the best guitarist in Japan togheter Teru... Because The Play Symphonic Power Metal and Progressive, one of the biggest evolved genres of metal combinated with Visual Kei Ero Guru music style with Sounds o Gothic Metal xD and because, their costume are amazing xD

This guy is a God. I know this is a big statement but the best guitarist I have ever heard. I understand that the others are more well known but Hizaki soon will be known across the globe. I cannot recommend a better guitarist to listen to if you are serious about the instrument and music overall.

Amazing composer. His skills can make your jaw drop. So much grace when performing live it can't be ignored.

For me you are very special guitarist I am your freat fans...

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5 Mami Sasazaki (SCANDAL)

Mami is really amazing as a girl guitarist.. I think she deserve in top 20... Her guitar skills is awesome and sounds great. I played guitar for a long time but seeing her playing made me absolutely change my own point of view on guitar playing. I learn so much from her. She is the pro.
I love many others guitarists too but only because of her I became such a good player.

She has a probably the best Japanese female guitarist, she deserves to be in the top 20 at least her skills on the guitar are insane, she definitely the queen on this post, om not sure about her being the best ever, but shes definitely the best girl guitarist ever in Japan.

Mami is the best!
Her guitar skill very pro!
I learn a lot from her
Please vote her!

She is beauty, is amasing, have talent, is the number 1.

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6 SUGIZO (Luna Sea)

I think sugizo is the best (for me). Because sugizo is the master of sustained sound. Every luna sea song has an sustained sound guitar from sugizo. Especially for his solo song, there was screaming sound from his guitar. I like his ESP brilliant mixedmedia!

Sugizo is the best guitarist for me. I like his way when playing guitar. Besides playing guitar, he also can plays violin. Did any guitarist from can do like him? Of course not. That's why I said he is the best. More than that, Yoshiki very confident to take him as a new guitarist for X Japan to replace Hide. He plays guitar for two bands. That is not easy. Anyway, I hope Sugizo will at the top to be the greatest. Please vote for him.

I can't say I like him better than hide, but I feel badly that Sugizo gets so much flack from people who think hide should never be replaced. The fact of the matter is, X Japan CAN'T perform without a guitarist, and if Yoshiki thinks he's a good person for the job then I trust his judgement. Sugizo's a great musician and he's awesome in his own right. He's also one of the few celebrities that I honestly feel is a good person.

SUGIZO is just too great in my opinion, after almost every song live he does that SUGIZO guitar squeal thing® Backed up by his kick ass Eddie Van Halen Amps, flawless solos, personally I like him better at Luna sea

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7 Uruha (the GazettE) Uruha (the GazettE)

Uruha composes excellent guitar lines that are both interesting and challenging. He is also the "lead" guitarist, he plays the majority of solos in all GazettE's songs.

Awesome composer, awesome guitarist.

Uruha is the most talented guitarist in my opinion. His solos are fantastic, his fingers are so fast... And to think he taught himself how to play guitar! Nobody taught him how to play it, he's just a genius when it's about guitars! Not to mention his sexy thighs He's beautiful and very talented! Plus the songs he composes are often my favorites by the GazettE.

Uruha must be better than Aoi, Aoi just do an accoustic things, whether Uruha do All the difficult solos.

He is an amazing guitarist and in my opinion the best or at least one of the best.

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8 Ken (L'arc en ciel)

His solos are just amazing! Every time he plays the guitar he can transport everyone to heaven, and He is compared to many famous guitarist like Slash and Steve Vai!

Ken proves that becoming a great guitar player doesn't need very good technical skill. Just use your skill to put the right guitar part into each song, it will be different to others.

Ken can compose beautiful-mellow melodies with his unique style even his skill is not as fast as hizaki-teru, or hide-pata. But his melodies can be heart-touching. And he is very creative to re-arrange every part of melody guitar. Because he never play the same melodies in every laruku live. Sugoii~

His scense is shine!

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9 Kaoru Niikura (Dir en Grey)

Kaoru is truly a freaking God of guitar. Granted Die is amazing too but Kaoru has some of the best solos as well as songs he has composed. He comes up with so many unique rhythms for each song that I am blown at the differences in each song. He is a strong band leader and a very strong guitarist. I mean come on, he's managed to keep Dir en grey together for so long!

It's hard to argue with the composition in Dir en Grey. They are incredible songwriters and know the perfect part to complement what is going on in the song at any given time. Kaoru is great, along with Die. They may not be the most technical, but they certainly make up for it in literally every other category. I can't think of a more inspiring song writer.

He's talented guitarist, talented composer and best leader ever! - Niikura_Akonya

Kaoru is an amazing songwriter, and best guitar player in the world

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10 miyavi (S.K.I.N)

You can play well things that others have taught you, but you're even better if you can create your own style with the instrument. That is why I vote Miyavi; unique in his guitar playing because it's his.

Everyone in this list deserves to be here. (Small thank you who-ever added Pata, he always seems to live in Hide's fame-shadow)
But I think Miyavi shines in a way. It might be just me, but I personally hated his voice at first, he got a lot better though. I think without his amazing guitar skills (and unique style) he would never have stayed famous. Hence my vote goes to Miyavi.

Hide is probably the best Japanese guitarist ever for style and he's like a legend, but MIYAVI... MIYAVI has an unique style, he's like... wow. his guitar is part of him and he's got an amazing charisma. And last but not least, his technique is just PERFECT

While my guitar gently weeps!... how about when his guitar howls!...magic! This is a guitarist who plays to his own rhythm... Rock.n Roll!

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The Contenders

11 Sakito (Naitomea)

Sakito is a super guitarist. Most o the people just admire the heavy guitarist, such as aoi, uruha. However, there is nothing compare to sakito. I am pretty sure sakito can play as good as him, if he wants to play heavy stuff. Sakito got the super fast strumming, even in acoustic. That's super hard, you can see the skill in The song Shian. Fantastic two hand tapping in the song trickstar. Super fast solo in the song in the trash music. He knows how to use delay perfectly in the song cloudy dayz.
And he got the awesome funk riff. To be honest, I don't think gazette guitarists can beat him, at least he is more handsome than those. Sorry this is very subjective. I think there is only few guitarist can compare to him who are hide, sugizo and syu.

Sakito is awesome. I'm always speechless while watching him play his guitar. This guy is truly amazing.

I completely agree with rock hero. Sakitos compositions completely obliterate the Gazettes guitar compositions structurally and harmoniously (No offense to Gazette fans, I really like them). If you don't believe me refer to their newest album (2011). Completely underrated.

Fast fingers, love it!

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12 Die (Dir En Grey)

it's really hard to decide because all of these guitarist are awesome. but from all these I only saw dir en grey live and die was the one who really made it good actually, he is an awesome guitarist with an awesome personality. I love him and his/their music.

Just amazing! IF you don't believe me why don't you listen to some of his riffs from their newest album DUM SPIRO SPERO. I suggest Juuyoku, Different Sense, Diabolos, and Rasetsukoku (new version). Please take a listen for yourself.

Awesome guitarist alongside Kaoru. Listen to Yokan, Cage and Mushi. - TD17

I think daisuke is such a great guitarist and he's good looking also, so it would be wonderful if he has the opportunity to win this contest, I think he has what takes to be the winner.

13 Toru Yamashita (One Ok Rock)

What? Why is this guy not part of the the top 10 or 20? Have you seen him play? He has style and he's just getting better and better

I've watched a lot of guitarists play on stage but this guy has grabbed my attention the most. His presence alone demands attention, more so when he starts holding his guitar - it's almost impossible to take your eyes off of him! He can spin in tight circles while rocking his instrument without missing a beat. And when he starts dancing and swaying to the beat, deym, it feels like he is hypnotising you to join the dark side. Technicality wise, he's getting better and better. And he's one of the guitarists out there who's very meticulous with the sound. He makes sure that every guitar he's gonna use on live shows are in perfect condition. And you know by the way he plays his instrument that he's always all about his passion for music and love for the band he created.

Toru should be in the Top 5. Because, he has a excellent skills and he is the most tough leader. When he plays his guitar, you can see that, he's enjoying it. And his passion for what his doing is awesome. He is a multi-talented person. He knows how to handle the band.. He is the best, rather THE MOST..

My vote goes to toru bec he has been an inspiration for most young guiterist. but he is not the best guitar player.he is a musician who can create good melody. And his live performance are crazy and energetic.ask any oor fan u wil knw wht m takng abt.

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14 You (Janne Da Arc)

I listened to all the bands on this list, and although none of the guitarists could hold a candle to guitarists like Herman Li of Dragonforce, this band (You included) impressed me the most.

He is very technical, and put all his soul on the music. he's a wonderful composer, very attend to the others and has a lot of presence!

Simply the best one! My only favorite guitarist ever. You plays so fast, and he is also a nice composer as well.

He is very good, and I like his. That's very wonderful.
I think to that he is hard practice everyday, and he love the guitar.
I respect to his technique. I love he.

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15 Syu

One of the best guitarists and composers ever, he is technical, melodic, fast and emotional, all we need in a true guitar god.

One of the best guitarist in the world, great composer, cool performance (better than studio version), amazing speed, perfect bend and vibrato what else? perfect guitarist

It was really difficult for me to choose a guitarist, there are a lot that I like and I enjoy listening to. But what makes me put my vote on Syu is the fact that every time I listen to this guy (and I think this happens to almost every guitarist) I go "! Dude, is that even possible?!? " His technique, his speed and his compositions makes him deserve the first place of this list.

Guitar God

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16 Teru (Versailles, Hizaki Grace Project)

No one can keep up with the speed of his magic fingers. His artistry cannot be surpassed by many and with the assistance of Hizaki he can be a musical entity that none can defy.

Teru has so much skills I think he's totally the best. He deserves for the first place EVER because he's such a great guitarist, composer and artist in general.

Teru is in all aspects just perfect. His fast solos have always an awesome melody in it, and live he is just... Like a GOD! Or probably god number2, because Hizaki is the true reincarnation of awesomeness! We are VERSAILLES!

Best guitarist with Hizaki

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17 Daisuke (Aqua Timez)
18 Takayoshi Ohmura

Great fluid player with taste and style. He is also a great rhythm player. He is obviously a big Yngwie fan, but has evolved into his own style.

takayoshi is amazing, I don't believe that he's in that position, you like guitarist that are really bad playing and composing...

He is the fastest player in Japan.

He's a beast, with insane tecnical abilities, currently he plays with BABYMETAL and Marty Friedman and definitely deserves better than the 18 spot dude what the hell, just hear The Cataclysm, a real virtuoso

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19 Akira Takasaki (Loudness)

One of the most influential guitarists to come out of Japan, Frontman of the legendary Loudness Akira helped lead his band to 4 appearances of the billboard 200 since 1982 partly through his highly complex and blazing fast solos.

The Best Japanese Guitarist in History.

Are you kidding?.. He should be number 1 Guitarist in Asia
He's skillful, fast, genius and has the best art creation..
Should be number 1 on this list and top 10 in the world.

He is a genius of music.Great and creative.Should be number one in japan and top ten in the world.

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20 Hitsugi (Naitomea)

AHH I finally came back to vote for you Hitsugi

Just listen to "Criminal Baby", and "The World" and you will know why you should vote for him

Love him!

Hits ~~ Love him and his music!

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21 MiA (Mejibray)

His solos are simply wonderful. I could listen to him forever. He moves his beautiful fingers quickly and elegantly, he can do every solo perfectly. He deserves a better positions, he's really talented and also really young! He's really talented and perfectionist, for me he's the best!

Okay, I've listened to lots of guitarists, not hide, yet, but I only want MiA higher on this list. He has amazingly fast fingers and it's his queen-like attitude that's also attractive but that doesn't matter in terms of guitar. He's fabulous.

Technically graceful. Good riffs

Well, he is a professional guitarist. Almost all PV(Promotional Video) he is doing guitar lead. It's very beautiful lead. If you hear it carefully, you will feel like butterfly. A very best video that MiA did it is Glare Guitar School. His hand is too fast that he picking his ESP Silver Guitar. All girls/women/lady love him because his pose in Mejibray The End (Full PV) [the moment he do guitar lead] is so lovely/beautiful/great/stuntly/amazing! So, I admit that he is The Next Guitar Heroes Generation/King of Guitarist/Guitaris God-like. I'm Tsuzuku from Mejibray, vote him. Mejibray, OUT. (THEend)

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22 Cipher (d'erlanger)

He is one of the founders of the vk style and a massive influence.
Check out some of his bands like Body, Craze and D'erlanger

one of the best guitarist in japan. he is the idol of modern guitarists esp. visual kei bands like dir en grey. - ronluna

very relaxed guitarist player, and do you think that he can't play like hide and ken? ure wrong - ronluna

Too bad that D'erlanger is not that popular outside of Japan.. I really enjoy his playing!

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23 Imai Hisashi

Oh please... How come he got so far down on the list, below so many less skilled and experienced guitarists? His technique, his unique style of playing, his creativity and all these years of hard work deserve at least some recognition. - saaarsdej

One of the most skilled, talented and imaginative guitarists and composers I've ever heard. I can't understand why he didn't make it to the top 10!

He's so unique, such an incredible player. He's also an absolutely incredible songwriter and the founder of BUCK-TICK. Should be number 1 definitely!

Amazing guitarist! And amazing guitars!

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24 Gentaro
25 Shinji (SID)

Shinji's style of guitar is different from any other guitarist I've heard. He has this mixture of rock and pop and even some jazz. It's just a sound that only he can make, and a unique one at that.

I am very like Shinji. Guitar skill is extremely well, he wear clothe very gentle.

Shinji is just so silly... His guitar skills are just amazing- In fact he composes a lot of songs in SID

Maybe not the fastest guitarist but he is very creative about melody.
His timing and Guitar dance is one of most lively I've ever seen.

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26 Cazqui (Nocturnal Bloodlust)

He is impressive, is the master of the guitar, be great and talented is their nature. Cazqui is always in continuous improvement, looking to be better than it is, it demonstrates professionalism. In each song you can hear the passion, dedication and love for his work, he gives shape, color and life to music. He deserves to be among the best guitarists. Because it's one of them.

Nocturnal Bloodlust is an excellent band, each member is talented, and Cazqui is no exception.

He is just awesome, he is the master of the guitar by nature. Cazqui is talented, is passionate for his work, his work is the result of dedication, a lot of passion for music. Is always in constant improvement, the way he plays is wonderful, gives shape, color, gives life to the music, and that's what It makes it the best guitarist.

His work in Nocturnal Bloodlust is something you can identify, everyone in the band are talented, and Cazqui is no exception.

Cazqui is a God when it comes to guitar shredding, have you seen him play in their mv Genesis? He is amazing, you can really see his passion, he should be in the top 5! Nocturnal Bloodlust is one of most unique bands out there, with a mix of visual-kei and trashcore metal they create this unique sound and heavy music that will surely bring out the beast in you.

MY favorite guitar :v

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27 Miya (MUCC)

Miya is a fantastic and unique guitarist, my favorite from Japan! He is very talented and is a great band leader. He writes beautiful music and I have a lot of respect for him.

Awesome guitar player. He can play sanshin and seven string guitar. He's a great musician and brings a lot of energy when he plays. I love that he also plays other instruments such as piano, harmonica and drums. There's depth to his guitar playing and the music he writes.

His guitar skills are so deep, I want to cry and scream with joy at the same time. He has passion

28 INORAN (Luna Sea)

He may be LUNA SEA's rhythm guitarist, but nobody can beat him for subtle impact. Listen to his live solo with Tourbillon at Budokan - like having good sex with someone who is both your lover and best friend.

He is so under rated. There wouldn't be Luna Sea without his melody

29 Hiro (La'cryma Christi, Creature Creature)
30 Aie (Kein, Deadman, The Studs)
31 Tak Matsumoto

How come he is so down and what about Koshi Inaba?

Should be on top 10.

Even though people nowdays are stupid and do not follow tak, still he is the best in the world. He is the only Asian guitarist who has won a lot with B'z, the only one who has his handprint in the Hollywood, and a winner of a Grammy Award.

Really like Bz, go Tak!

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He must be the best guitarist in the world

33 Hotei Tomoyasu (BOØWY)

This man has incredible talent that is most evident in the fact that he is one of the only guitarists who is recognizable outside of Japan. "Battle Without Honor and Humanity" is a song that many people know and has been used in Western movies and trailers. He has a long career and a variety of range in skill.

I am voting him while listening his guitar.

The only Japanese guitarist legend

The best on this list. Hands down.

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34 Masato (SuG)

His skill is extremely well, and he show different kinds of emotion in different songs, we will get influence by this and we can understand more about the songs. He is a serious man and he always done his work well, from the nico nico live, we can see that he felt annoyed when some band members took over his work. And he is the mommy of the band and he always care for the fans. He is the best guitarist I have ever seen.

His compositions are amazing. There's a lot of kind: his ballads are really romantic and his heavy rock tunnes are, damn it, excellent!

35 Tora (Alice Nine) Tora (Alice Nine)

He really is an amazing guitarist and at first I thought he seemed a bit too quiet to be a guitarist. But after watching one of their performances I was truly amazed at him. His riffs and passion for guitar is incredible. Go Tora!

36 Leda

Thought he still young, Leda succeed menage him self as promising young guitarist. You have to see, how magic his fingers while playing DELUHI song in VANDALICKS. He will be a legend! As soon as possible!

This list is obviously a popularity contest. A lot of these guitarists are selling an image. Leda sells his skills.

Leda should be (even must be) number 1! Just look at orion once again, F.T. O, his skill are out of human brain!

He is only so underrated, not like Aoi is...

Leda Is the best young guitarist for me. His skill is so awesome. Incredible man!

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37 Hisashi (Glay)

His guitar melody is like a song within a song. He is forever my hero.

His guitar sound brighter same as his fashion style! He can make us smile and happy when look at him on stage in concert. By the way his skills are too much higher with age in the music industry. Whether of BGM about Movies, Game, Drama all he had done! Super love this guy! So, I voted for him! By RaNang

38 Hiroto (Alice Nine)

Hiroto is one of my most favorites guitarist ever! His songs were the ones that brought me to know Alice Nine. He is a really talented guitarist, playing fast and catchy notes. Also composing catchy songs that really sends you dancing! Handsome and adorable in many ways. Please vote for our Hiroto!

To me he's one of the greatest guitar players, composers and designer. You can really feel the songs when he plays the guitar. Yeah, he might look totally hot and he's really nice but he's also extremely passionate when he plays the guitar. It makes me happy and proud to be an Alice Nine [GREATEST BAND EVER] fan because I was able to find 5 of the most greatest, talented and creative musicians ever.

Have you seen him? He is absolutely fantastic! He plays with all his heart and you can feel it.

Composing catchy songs, great guitar playing, like to capture nice pictures, like outdoor very much, a cute guy, has a cute little dog too, and he also in charge of tour goods design..
Such a wanted boyfriend for girls..

39 Daita (Siam Shade)

Why is this guy not listed in top 5 best Japanese guitarists? Even he's number one for me.

Truly amazing guitarist, can't even imagine he's not top 5.

Daita must be top 10! He is so awesome, my big idol.

The list should be revise.

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40 Adachi Yuji (Dead End)

ask l'arc en ciel, buck-tick, janne the arc, kuroyume, luna sea who's their idol? - ronluna

His sense of composing is so unique.
I feel biotic power from his melody.
And, his crying solo guitar... Nanmoienee...

41 Yuji (SuG)

He's great. He may look like a fool sometimes but that's how he express himself while playing. That shows how much he enjoy the music and it really gives off a positive impression for the listeners.

Yuji is really one of the most special guitarist as I have seen so far. His skills is really superp and he would always stand up among all the other members.

42 Eita

A guitarist who can create the best melodies... A great Melodic/Power Metal guitarist, a great composer, a good singer... Above all, she is very cute... She deserves much much appreciation for her talent...

A truly amazing virtuoso who has conquered so many style. I show my fellow musicians her "tapping " clip Eita 3, they are ASTOUNDED and SPEECHLESS as she perfoms her magic! I hope Armmy and her get new project going soon.

43 Takuya Asanuma (Judy and Mary)

Very skill why not in top ten

44 Char

Please, no one has ever been better than Char.

Absolutely one of the best ever!

Love his music, he is the best

The best!

45 Toru Kitajima (Ling Tosite Sigure)

Should be in top ten, the sound he produces is amazing and clearly played by a very skilled guitarist

His guitar parts is truly masterpiece...

I don't want you in top 100, because you are no. 1 in my heart

Do I even need to comment something about him and his guitar skills? Just listen to him and his band and it will do. He is truly the best guitarist in the world for me, and that’s enough

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46 K.A.Z. (Oblivion Dust & VAMPS)

Music Magic. Incredible body of music creations. Breaking barriers world wide with driven passion and connection to people, through style, technique and human heart.

Demon with guitar!


KAZ, excelente guitarrista, me gusta la técnica que tiene y con VAMPS hyde la mejor combinación. Saludos desde Bolivia

47 Haruna Ono

Haruna is also a very skilled guitarist she should be one of the top 20s

She is the best. I like her skill playing guitar

Haruna is one of the best female guitarist in the world.

Totally cool and talented! Why the heck is she at 44?

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48 Tomo-Zo (Gacharic Spin, Doll$box)

AMAZING! She has so much creativity in her playing. Her costuming makes her stage presence interesting. Tomo-Zo also has beautiful lead lines and phenomenal technique. AMAZING! :-)

I think she way better than mami of scandal

She is a fast learner & can remember something well quickly. Her shred & improvisation tech are great.
If you see her performance on the stage, she shows that playing guitar is so much fun!

49 Yoshiki Fukuyama (Fire Bomber, HUMMINGBIRD)

Plays likes he is straight out of the 60's, 70's, & 80's, such an amazing guitarist!

No one writes solos like this guy! He was the one who made Macross 7 so great!

Yoshiki Fukuyama has proved himself time and time again. From his humble beginnings in Hummingbird to his stardom with Fire Bomber he never ceases to amaze. Not only is he a brilliant guitarist but he can sing like no body's business. Love him.

50 Karyu (D'espairsRay)
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