Mami Sasazaki (SCANDAL)


It's not something we see everyday, a female guitarist doing solo parts of a rock song. Considering their background and how they actually work themselves to the top, Mami Sasazaki of SCANDAL should at least go to the top 5. No offense, but she really do deserve that. From the beginning, up till now, they (SCANDAL) face tonnes of obstacles and to some point, almost lost it. But Where are they now? At the top.

Anyway, the band gives positive influence to many youngsters out there. So yeah, I vote that Mami Sasazaki to be at least, at least be at the top 5 list. She deserved it. I have seen them grow.

Well... What can I say? Mami is the star of Scandal.. When I heard Mami playing for the first time, was like magic, I started to fall in love, Mami is one of the best guitar players of j-pop scene. She has not only skill, but she involves you on her music, on her style. Mami deserves to be in the top of the top 20, 'cause she is the best of all. Mami Sasazaki

Her guitar skills are totally awesome, making her the best female Japanese lead guitarist! Her solos are always amazing. Also, like the other members of the band, she developed so much in such a short duration of time. She's very supportive of her band mates, and does everything in her power to do so. She may appear serious (well, she really is serious especially when it comes to guitar playing), but she's actually very cheerful and goofy, and plays around together with the other members.

While she's often the person that gets the least love in SCANDAL during their concerts and whatnot, she's definitely one of the most impressive in terms of instrumental skills. In a list of good guitarists, there is no reason why she shouldn't be way up the list.

... It doesn't hurt that she can sing well, also.

The way Mami plays her guitar, alongside her cool expressions make such a bizarre but interesting taste to enjoy. She's my favorite female guitarist of all time! She has such an awesome voice! Her guitar skills is quite fantastic! She's gorgeous as well! She's just amazing!

Mami! She deserves to be in Top 20.. No.. She deserves to be in TOP 10! She's an amazing guitarist, she's still young but already a pro, she's my inspiration too! It was all because of her that I can play guitar now! She's the best! The best Female lead guitarist in Japan! SCANDAL FOREVER!

Forget that Mami is female, she is a very studious and natural guitar player whose skills belie her relative youth. For me she is the backbone of SCANDAL musically and as much an intrinsic part of the band's sound as the vocals.

Mami is Extremely talented. I would rank her among current guitarists worldwide not just in Japan. Her riffs are representative of Scandal as a whole; they are energetic and fun. It is obvious she works hard. I would love to see them live!

She deserves to be No. 1. She is very hardworking and plays for her dedicated fans. She is so pro when it comes to playing the guitar. She also could play drums AND SHE IS BEAUTIFUL. So, what more could you ask for?

Mami really deserves to be in in this list, and must be at the top. Her guitar skills are really amazing, FYI she's young and still improving a lot every time she plays. Being a great guitarist does not mean that you play difficult guitar chords it means your playing can reach the audience in what you were trying to portray using the guitar.

Mami is really really awesome, she totally rock especially on stage. Shes one of my greatest and most idolize guitarist. I really love how she played. Especially when she uses "white falcon". She's just so amazing

Omo! Do I need to explain why she needs to be in the list?! Hello!? Laugh out loud! Mami so amazing her guitar techniques is way way good ever since their debut. She can do her solo and lead guitar parts while singing! I love the way she looks at the audience while doing her riffs and then the smile on her face explains how her fans interacts with her! She's the best!

Mami has a good voice also with a great guitar skill, their shows Are alway kinetic and powerful, also sometimes some mistakes occur but these don't affect the quality of the show

Her skill is inspiring me.. And of course I think she is a best female guitarist out there.. Fantastic really.. And when she play a guitar she really put everything into it.. That's what inspiring me..

Mami is just amazing! I've never seen a girl playing her guitar like this! Her skills are just awesome! She feels music when she plays and I think it's the main thing. I just love MAMI! Love SCANDAL!

Mami is the awesomeness girl guitarist her guitares skills are so cool her band is the best ever they are so amazing and cute, Mami is my model she is wonderful at her post and I love her xo xo

She is for me the best female Japanese guitarist. I look up to her and she is very skilled alternating from different styles from metal to pop back to garage rock

Mami's guitar skills is great! I think she's better than a guy who knows how to play a guitar.. And she deserve to be on the top because' she love to play guitar unlike the other who used to it as their hobby...

So vote for Mami!

SCANDAL is my favorite band. Mami skills become best year after year and I think no other girl in Japan have her talent. Mami deserves a good position in this rank, so vote her!

I just love the chemistry between Mami Sasazaki and her guitar. Plus, she's very talented, and her appearance are simply amazing! Come on, I know y'all agree with this, right?

I fell like Mami should get #1. I don't know many guitar player let along female, who play as good as Mami. I truly love her, she is just an amassing guitar player. Mami #1 all the way.

I feel like Mami should get #1. I don't know many guitar player let along female, who play as good as Mami. I truly love her, she is just an amazing! Guitar player. Mami #1 all the way.

She definitely made a great progress since the Sandal's start. And of course, she's my favourite one from Scandal so my voice belongs to her

All I can say is I really LOVE her and she deserves to be one of the best guitarist in Japan. She's my idol too. She really Rocks! I really Love her!

She might not be the best of all time, but she deserves to be at least in the top 20 since she's the best girl guitarist in Japan