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41 Eita

A guitarist who can create the best melodies... A great Melodic/Power Metal guitarist, a great composer, a good singer... Above all, she is very cute... She deserves much much appreciation for her talent...

A truly amazing virtuoso who has conquered so many style. I show my fellow musicians her "tapping " clip Eita 3, they are ASTOUNDED and SPEECHLESS as she perfoms her magic! I hope Armmy and her get new project going soon.

42 Hisashi (Glay)

His guitar melody is like a song within a song. He is forever my hero.

His guitar sound brighter same as his fashion style! He can make us smile and happy when look at him on stage in concert. By the way his skills are too much higher with age in the music industry. Whether of BGM about Movies, Game, Drama all he had done! Super love this guy! So, I voted for him! By RaNang

43 Takuya Asanuma (Judy and Mary) V 1 Comment
44 Haruna Ono

Haruna is also a very skilled guitarist she should be one of the top 20s

She is the best. I like her skill playing guitar

Haruna is one of the best female guitarist in the world.

Totally cool and talented! Why the heck is she at 44?

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45 Tomo-Zo (Gacharic Spin, Doll$box)

AMAZING! She has so much creativity in her playing. Her costuming makes her stage presence interesting. Tomo-Zo also has beautiful lead lines and phenomenal technique. AMAZING! :-)

She is a fast learner & can remember something well quickly. Her shred & improvisation tech are great.
If you see her performance on the stage, she shows that playing guitar is so much fun!

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46 Char

Please, no one has ever been better than Char.

Absolutely one of the best ever!

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47 Yoshiki Fukuyama (Fire Bomber, HUMMINGBIRD)

Plays likes he is straight out of the 60's, 70's, & 80's, such an amazing guitarist!

No one writes solos like this guy! He was the one who made Macross 7 so great!

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48 Karyu (D'espairsRay)
49 Furumura Daisuke (NICO Touches the Walls)

He has a sharp fingers ever! He's doing great on every moving and the way he enjoy what he play can be reflected clearly from his expression!

His tone, and his versatility are outrageous. He is my musical idol, as well as an owner of some extremely nice instruments.

You only need to see any live performance of "Bungy", and you'll be a fan of his skills and the way he has fun playing his guitar forever. He's an awesomely talented and lovely guy!

Probably deserve the top 10

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50 K.A.Z. (Oblivion Dust & VAMPS) V 2 Comments
51 Kotaro Oshio

Kotaro plays music you can feel, not just hear. He plays with his soul radiating through warmth movements of each finger touching every cold strings. Marriage between man and guitar.

52 Toru Kitajima (Ling Tosite Sigure)

I don't want you in top 100, because you are no. 1 in my heart

Deserves to be part as outstanding..

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53 Ubukata Shinichi

How is that possible Ubukata Shinichi not in top ten? He's one of the elite guitarist in Japan, his style is so cool. Try listen to Nothing's Carved In Stone's Crying Skull, Isolation, (as if it's)A Warning, What's My Satisfaction, Cold Reason. I'm not gonna convince you, just try listen to those songs with your own ears.

In 1998, He made the "ELLEGARDEN", played the guitar as a leader. After the unlimited stop in 2008, he has suspended the activities of ELLEGARDEN, he formed the new band, "Nothing's Carved In Stone" in 2009, currently have big scaled of Tour and Festivals in Japan. He sometimes get brief guest sessions like, in the live of Kazuya Yoshii of the original THE YELLOW MONKEY in 2012.

Just listen to the old song, SALAMANDER/.MARRY ME/MAKE A WISH like those about 130 songs of ELLEGARDEN!

AND NOW he evoled with the NOTHING'S CARVED In STONE! JUST LISTEN to Their Spirit Inspiration/Out of Control/Poison Bloom/Milestone...and watch their live show., you're gonna be chained by them. - releine

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54 Mizuno Yoshiki (Ikimono gakari)
55 Syu (Galneryus)

I think he has awesome skill and great tone

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56 Issei Noro (Casiopea)

Way too far down the list. I'm not saying too ten, but should be in the top twenty five!

He is a great composer but smooth guitarist too.

57 Hidehiko Hoshino

His life is so hard: being second guitarist in a band where the first guitarist is so brilliant and original that it's easy to overlook anyone else isn't the prefect way to get some recognition. It's so easy to forget about all the hard work he puts in playing and recording perfect songs. And when you listen closely, you'll discover how good musician he really is; way better then half of the people above him in my opinion. - saaarsdej

58 Nii (Girugämesh)
59 Reo (Gullet, lynch.)

Subtle guitar solo's that never overrule the overall song, but there's so much depth in his playing. The amount of layers he adds to his guitar work is exciting. Plus he makes a great duo with Yusuke's melodious clean guitar work. Reo makes me listen to lynch. So much better than I have to any other band. That, and his death glares are just priceless! Very underestimated guitarist.

Although an underestimated guitarist because he's not as fervently in the spot lights as other guitarists in this list, I believe his work is priceless. It suits lynch. So much and the fact that he's the one inviting the core to start this band is a thank you he will forever receive from my side. His subtlety is what draws me in.

60 Takuya Miura (DEPAPEPE)
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