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81 Prince YO
82 Yoshiki Mizuno (Ikimono Gakari)

Great guitarist even though he ain't well known he plays some nice riffs and solos. Listen to Blue Bird or Sakura. - TD17

83 Mana (Malice Mizer, Moi Dix Mois)

Why is he not higher on the list? At least to me he's the best guitarist in the entire world! Mana-sama sound perfect in both Malice Mizer and Moi Dix Mois! Just listen to Beast Of Blood, Bel Air or Nocturnal Romance! He sound amazing! (Of course the other guitarists are good too)

Not so much on the solos as he doesn't do many but does some awesome riffs. Listen to Bel Air, Au revoir, Le ciel, Monophobia and Beast of Blood. - TD17

He may not do the greatest solos ever, but playing guitar involves more than that, it takes good riffs, creativity and more.

Mana is beyond brilliant! He is the best

84 Minoru Kojima (The Mad Capsule Markets, creature creature)

another underrated guitarist all people here are voting for xjapan and dir en grey. try to appreciate more guitarists like this one. one of the best - ronluna

85 Kyrie (NoGoD)
86 Reno (ViViD)
87 Takuro (Glay)
88 Ryo Kawakita

Another underrated member of Maximum the Hormone... Something about none of MTH's members getting in the top ten is just not right... Because this guy has amazing riffs, great solo's and can sing while doing so... Not much guitarists can do that.

89 Yoshinari Tokuoka (DEPAPEPE)
90 Hiroaki Masukawa (Bump of Chicken)
91 Yoshikazu Yahiro
92 Ukigumo (Tokyo jihen)

This guy is just amazing and he is not even here.

93 Johannes Krauser II (Detroit Metal City)

Hahaa. you're stupid if you don't know who Krauzer is... He's well known with his legendary teeth guitar..

94 Yusuke (Hybrid-Zombiez)
95 Atsushi "Jet Finger" Yokozeki (JAM Project)

Atsushi is an amazing guitarist. he's one of the fastest guitarists I've ever heard, he can shred at 400bpm. he's also great at composing, it's sad you can't find much of his music online. I'm sure it's floating around underground metal groups in Japan, though.

96 Susumu Nishikawa
97 Yuji Hirayama (Momoiro Clover Z)
98 Hirotaka Sato (Momoiro Clover Z)
99 Takamizawa (The Alfee)
100 Masaharu Fukuyama
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